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It's a frosty Monday morning here.  Time to . . . 



A Quote

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons."
      --- Jim Bishop



A Word

I heard this word while I was listening to NPR over the weekend.  Needed to look it up . . . just to check . . . but, mostly, I like saying it out loud.



To Cook


As we get further into fall, we also get further from fresh vegetables.  Although I used to use them all the time, I've really gotten away from resorting to frozen vegetables over the last few years.  But . . . after reading this article from the Washington Post, I'm going to rethink that!  It turns out that frozen vegetables are often better than what you can find in the fresh produce section during the off-season months -- and especially if you prepare them and use them in optimal ways.  (Plus . . . convenience.)


To Read


In honor of Halloween, check out this list of the 10 creepiest author photos ever captured!  (And then let me know which is your favorite.)

A Reading Reminder:  Please join our Read With Us book discussion beginning next Tuesday, November 5.  We'll be talking about the first third of the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.  (Can't wait to see what you think.)


A Gardening PSA


If you live in the northern part of the US (or southern Canada), it's not too late to plant your spring bulbs.  In fact, I'd call this prime time for bulb-planting!  You still have time for them to get settled in the ground before the hard freeze arrives, and it's late enough that the squirrels (probably) won't dig them up.  But, hurry!  The time is now.

(Even though I think it's a real drag to plant bulbs, I never regret it come spring.)

(And the tulips in this picture?  They were in bloom when my sister and I visited Mackinac Island last June.)


That's it for this cold and crisp Monday morning!  Have a great week.



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Your larch looks lovely showing off its gold! As for creepy authors, definitely Shel Silverstein. He looks more like some sort of wild WWE fighter than a children's book author. Stephen King's outfit is ... interesting!


Can I have TWO creepy author photo favorites? I have to go with Patricia Highsmith because of her Siamese cat as well as Edward Gorey because I've visited his house. (Next time you come we have to go there together). I'm so glad my bulbs are in the ground and perhaps it's time to buy frozen vegetables again!


H.P. Lovecraft has always creeped me out and that photo did nothing to change that! You can easily find great prices on frozen vegetables, too! I was able to get my bulbs in before my surgery and it's a good thing as we have 3 nights of a hard freeze coming this week. UGG!


Wishing YOU a great week too.

We made hard squash this weekend and now we wonder WHY it took us so long to try one. It was delicious. For the record the kind we tried was Little Dumpling.


What the he.. Shel! :-) That tulip shot is a beautiful reminder that we will make it through the next 5 months!


Still waiting for my copy of Just Mercy from library.
I so agree that planting bulbs, not so fun, but come spring and watching those tulips break through winters ground, oh my, such a miracle! And much needed color!

Barb B in BC

I definitely do not have a favourite creepy photo choice. They are all the stuff to give me nightmares. Must be their imaginations coming out on their faces. UGGGG!


Shel Silverstein and Aldous Huxley (who curiously is a very, very distant relative!)

I finished Just Mercy on Friday and I am eagerly awaiting the discussion! (although I will be working the Polls on Tuesday - remember to vote everyone!)

No bulbs here - I thought about it but got sidetracked by a few things! Happy Monday!


The photo of Stephen King from the newspaper article always cracks me up! But I think the scariest one is Aldous Huxley. He looks very menacing!

I'm not a bulb planter, which is just as well, because we have some very destructive squirrels. Lately it seems like they've taken it upon themselves to aerate our backyard.


Another great list, Kym! My mom has been cheering about frozen vegetables for years ... we always have spinach, onions and peppers on hand, but your link (ahem, more than my mom's wise words?!) might get me to try a few more!

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