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Good Monday Morning!

Spinning in Circles With Options

For the past several months, I've been driven by deadlines.  We're not talking Big Scary Deadlines here . . . just an ongoing steam of things I needed to do by a certain day.  Setting up my daily task list was simple and clear -- because there were these deadlines to meet!  

Now that doesn't mean I always got everything done that I intended to do, of course (because I didn't).  But I did have a structure and an overarching plan of attack to keep me moving.  

Because . . . deadlines.


Now, at least for a few days, I've reached a (temporary) lull in the action.  No immediate deadlines.  Nothing pressing or urgent.  Just a few open days . . . with (pretty much) nothing scheduled.  This doesn't mean I don't have anything to do.  (Because HA!)  It just means . . . I'm not feeling immediately pressured to do A Thing because of a deadline.  

Which is . . . kind of a weird feeling.

What to do first?
Where to begin?
So. Many. Options.
(As in . . . spinning in circles with options.)

So.  That's my weekend.  How about yours?


And, if you're not going to Rhinebeck this weekend, consider celebrating Rhinebeck at home!  Check out Bridget's plan for going to Rhinebeck by staying home.  (One thing on my for-sure to do list today . . . is buying some Rhinebeck-ish donuts!!!)





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Right now I'm in the middle of my busiest season at work, so I've got plenty of hard and fast deadlines (too many!) But I'm taking a break this weekend to enjoy a cider doughnut, thanks to Bridget's plan!

Margene Smith

My month has no deadlines, only doctors appointments. I guess you could say my hope infused deadline for being free is to DO stuff the first week of November. I'm hoping I can drive (as in no more drugs) and that will really open up a world to me (and bring on a few deadlines, too). Enjoy your weekend of relaxing (no spinning) and the Rhinebeck donuts, too!


I am all about some Rhinebeck-ish donuts (and maybe even cider!!) and those things are on my list for tomorrow! Have a great (and deadline free!!) weekend!


I've been to Rhinebeck a bunch of times but I don't remember cider donuts being a big thing. The artichokes? And lamb burgers? Oh yes! Honestly, though, it's SO crowded that I don't mind not going! Enjoy your weekend of possibilities.


I am looking forward to spinning in circles ... next month! and thank you for the non-Rhinebeck link - I honestly have no desire to go in real life, so that's really more my speed. TJ's had cider donuts when I visited a few days back - gah! I should've bought some!!

kathy b

Well Im stuck with a cold virus . I love to watch the Rhinebeck show me your sweater show each year. Each year I wish I was there@ !But wool sweaters itch me. cotton falls to the ground in weight. But I still get to see everyone's wonderful yarns. I am always amazed a the new knitters saying its their first sweater ,.....its complex, cabled, hand sewn in sleeves and impossible in my view. Yet they do iT!


I hope you were able to have an enjoyable vicarious Rhinebeck at home! Although I was there, I really don't feel like I got the full experience because I was helping out in a booth all weekend -- though I did enjoy authentic Rhinebeck apple cider donuts (they were my lunch on both Saturday and Sunday)!

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