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In Lieu of Fall Color

(For a soundtrack for today's post, click here.*)


So . . . I've finished another sweater.

I can't really believe I've knit so many sweaters so quickly lately.  Because this is not how I usually operate.  (It helps that they've all been cropped and/or sleeveless and/or knit at a bigger-than-usual gauge.)  (Just sayin.)  

I had planned to do the backyard-photo-shoot for this sweater with a backdrop of fall color.  But that just isn't happening here yet (still very green).  So I decided to use a pumpkin as a prop . . . in lieu of fall color.


But then I couldn't really figure out what to do with it.

So Tom said . . . Why don't you put it on your head?

And I did.




There you have it!

A pumpkin on my head . . . in lieu of fall color.

(Ravelry details here.)


* I linked to Eva Cassidy's version of Field of Gold.  This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and while I love Sting's original version, I find Eva Cassidy's cover to be just lovely.  And so beautifully haunting.  Enjoy.



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Your Fields of Gold sweater is simply beautiful! I love the raglan increases and you've even got me thinking this might be the sweater I finally knit (especially because someone has already cardiganized it on ravelry). What a wonderful, wearable sweater that looks terrific (even without a pumpkin on your head)!


The song is haunting.
The sweater is lovely.
The pumpkin is plain silly.
Loved it all!


Love that Felix! I think I'm definitely going to knit it...I did buy the pattern! Love Eva too. Thanks for that. And man...can you work a pumpkin accessory! :-)


Eva Cassidy has such a lovely voice. We used her song “I Know You by Heart” for my mother-in-law’s funeral. I had to listen to it dozens of times before I could make it through without crying. But it still makes me choke up.


You are adorable, as is the sweater and the pumpkin. And that song. Oh boy. When Bob's widow Tina died her sister sang it at the graveside. So haunting and beautiful.


I’m very impressed with your sweater production! This one is a beauty. The lace accent makes a simple sweater kind of elegant.,yes? Eva Cassidy, a talent gone too soon. I first heard her at a yoga class when the teacher played her version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. I immediately looked to download her songs. ❤️


The sweater looks amazing on you, and I think the pumpkin worked as a prop because all that silliness brought out your great smile!


Your sweater is gorgeous and that song gives me chills. So hauntingly beautiful! (and I LOVE your hair! It is so lovely!)


Beautiful job on the sweater.

(Not much fall color here either).


But wait, that's *my* favorite song!

Love the sweater - The short over long styling looks great on you. Also the pumpkin.


Eva Cassidy's version is my preferred at all times and it fits your overall goal here! I love this sweater and the color you used, plus they way you're wearing it is just so perfect. I wonder if I could get away with a look like this with my overly long frame. You've put together a great look!


Beautiful finish Kym - with or without a pumpkin head. That yarn looks so rich! Beautiful song too. Have fun with Vicki!!!


You are so cute and I am so going to knit this sweater!!!!!!!
New to your blog and I love it!

kathy b

I love her Over the Rainbow rendition.
YOU look great in your sweater. Love the gourd for flair and fall


I love everything about that sweater, Kym - and especially the color! Wishing you (slightly) cooler temps and lovely foliage so you can really wear it and enjoy it!

Jane A. Wolfe

You look lovely in the sweater. Great color for you and the pumpkin. Our leaves are just starting to turn.

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