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A Gentle Reminder

Hello, October!

October is here . . . and I have a new monthly bucket list.


Oh, sure . . . you might notice that some of the things on my October list are leftovers from previous monthly bucket lists (looking at you "clean fridge"), but mostly my list is full of new things I want to do this month.

Three items that might need a bit more explanation:

Sew four pairs of leggings.  (What?????)  Last fall, I made a pair of leggings (Pants No. 2 from Sonya Phillips), and I love them.  I wore them all the time last winter, and decided I wanted more.  So I bought fabric for four more pairs . . . and then never made them.  Now that cooler weather is coming, I've decided to have myself a Leggings Marathon!  I'm going to cut out and sew all four pairs "factory style" for maximum efficiency.  

Finish my 3/4-finished Alabama Chanin tunic.  Last year, I sewed nearly all of an Alabama Chanin wrap dress in the tunic length (and with long sleeves).  I got so very close to the finish line . . . and just stopped.  (I think I realized that I had forgotten to cut out the neck binding and was too lazy to do it.  Or something equally lame.)  It's time to finish!  All I have left are the ties, the facing, and the neck binding (which I cut out last weekend, so no excuses).

Solstice party timeline.  Yeah.  I know the party isn't until December.  But we've been having this party long enough now . . . that I know the sooner I get the timeline and master to-do lists ready, the easier the whole thing comes together.  And in December, it's all about ease and advance planning, y'know?

How about YOU?  What's on your "bucket list" for October?


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You've got some interesting October goals, and I can't wait to see the results from the legging sew-a-thon and your AC tunic! On my list for October is to finish the current Hitchhiker, possibly visit Ryan for his birthday, and drink some more wine in blue bottles so I can keep decorating the garden with them. I predict success with at least the last one. :-)


Oh I have a sweater that needs sleeves sewn in and I just haven't done it. (And sticking with my no new sweater knitting until it's done is getting pretty uncomfortable.) That is high on my list. Reading the book group book and travel...that's about all I've got!


Hm. I shall have to investigate the leggings situation! Have you made any of Sonya's other patterns?

Kim in Oregon

OUr October is so busy I'm just going to hang on and try to enjoy the ride.


Temple University football and maybe one more trip down the shore before it gets TOO cold.


We have a busy October too... my goal is to get those Halloween decorations out next week!

Carolyn S Thomas

Thank you for posting this! I need to make my list and I keep putting it off! Well, cider & donuts is on the list. But that's about it :) And I'm going to take care of that one this weekend! It's always hard for me to tackle the boring things...like a hard drive. There are so many things like that I know I need to get to--but I'm so bad about it that I don't even put them on the list! You've inspired me to put ONE on, at least. Can't wait to see the leggings!

kathy b

Ohhhhh I love your solstice planning!
I have to make an October list ALL FUN things
I know we are going to a pumpkin trail walk. I paid for the tickets
I know we are going on the barn Miles for SmilES fundraiser pasture walk!
I know we are volunteering ON HALLOWEEN!


At this point, I have two things on my list: run my second 5K race of the year (happening tomorrow) and finish the four books I'm in the middle of! I've got two trips this month, and my husband is traveling as well, so I'm trying not to have too many things on my to-do list because I know it's going to be a busy month.


That's a great list and you know you'll be thrilled to cross those things off one by one. Sewing the leggings as a group of 4 is smart, you'll definitely find it goes faster with that approach. And yeah, that solstice party will be here before you know it. It's almost time to make the meatballs!!

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