Shifting Gears . . . But Just a Little
Hello, October!

Early Hours

I get up early every morning.  On purpose . . . with no purpose.  The house is quiet.  It's dark these days.  I grab a cup of coffee.  And my knitting.


I start each morning this way . . . with just a little bit of knitting.  Enough for me to center myself.  It's a kind of meditation, really.  Just stitch after stitch, one at a time.  Not much thinking.  Just the doing.

And then, after my coffee and this bit of knitting, I'm ready to move on with the rest of my day.

How about you?  How do you begin . . . in the morning?


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I too am up early - now dark. It is coffee and my journal to start my day... and a bit of WaPo reading.


I also wake up early, but that's more of a necessity because I have to get the others in the house up and moving. I do like to get to work a bit earlier than I need to, though, because I like to have some time to knit in my office and listen to a podcast before the day starts. Getting out the door seems to be so hectic, even though I try do things ahead to make it less so, so it's nice to get that chance to re-center myself.


Exactly the same way you do and I love it!


I wake up and usually meditate, but today I went for a walk instead. It felt good to get out and get moving, but a quieter start might be better. I think I might try knitting, too! (Thanks!)


Exactly like that except maybe NOT so early, and with tea instead of coffee. I need that time to center my thoughts.


I wake up early and begin the day with exercise, either the gym or a long walk with my dog, although now that it is dark in the morning it changes my routine on my walking days. After my exercise I have breakfast and spend about a half hour in quiet prayer & meditation. I've found that if I don't go to the gym first thing in the morning, I won't go at all.


Coffee and blog reading. My brain is too foggy that early in he morning and my joints too creaky for that early also. These days I need longer wake-up time, althoughI I get there eventually. Oh yes, and an apple. My ‘energizer-bunny’ secret. Like a shot of adrenaline.


On a non-exercise morning...exactly as you do. :-)


My day begins at 5:30am -- it's as though I've never retired even though I did just that in 2007. I love that time of day when I can share a cup of coffee with my husband, discuss what we anticipate the day will bring, read a bit and then, 3 days of the week I head out to my granddaughter's house just before 7am so her parents can leave for work and I get her ready and drop her at school.


For over 20 years, I've begun my day, quietly, with tea, a pen and journal, and a book to read, one that is uplifting, meditative, or something from which I can learn. It matters not how early my day must begin, I always get up early enough to have at least an hour of morning's solitude and quiet. .. my favorite time of everyday.

Kim in Oregon

I used to begin with brain games, but now it is generally a walk with the dogs.


I begin the day with a set of stretches and some gentle yoga. After a cup of tea, oatmeal and fruit, and the newspaper, I journal.

Carole Julius

I love to get up early. I wash my face and make my coffee and write 5 things I'm grateful for in my journal. I check email and the news and then get ready for work. My favorite mornings are when I can do all of those things . . . except for having to get ready for work!


I am an early riser but lately my morning routine has gone off the rails. I’m working on getting it back, mostly a cuppa, a book, and my journal- that is how I would like my day to begin


Most mornings are pretty focused with little deviation: I get up, put on my glasses, make the bed, put my hair up on the way to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on some mascara, pour coffee, check the weather, get dressed, grab something for lunch (hopefully, there's something for lunch...), and head out the door to work, with a stop at the coffee shop on the way. If anything's added to that, it usually ends up being a "If you give a mouse a cookie" situation -- and I'm late for work!

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