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Fall Gardening

It's really easy to love a garden in the spring and summer - when everything is bursting with bloom.  Most folks don't find fall gardens quite so charming, though.  

But I do!  I love my garden all the time . . . and maybe especially in the fall.



Everything is way past its prime in my fall garden.  Most die-hard gardeners I know rush to cut back dying perennials in the fall, ready to be done with garden-tending for another season.  And . . . well . . . I am, too.  But also . . . not.

Fall in my garden is really a wonderful time, and I relish these days in my garden.

Why?  (Besides knowing I need to get my fill of it before snow keeps me out of it?)  Well . . . let me count the ways:

1 - I love the muted colors and crispy textures of my fall garden.


In fact, I find some of my favorite color combinations in my fall garden -- and in fall landscapes, generally.  I often go on to use these fall garden color inspirations when it comes to choosing colors for a knitting project . . . or putting together pieces in my closet to wear.


2 - Late season seedheads are so interesting!


The blooms are long gone, sure.  But I love seeing the puffs and tufts of the seed heads in the fall.  Besides . . . I get even more blooms later (albeit maybe not where I want them) when the seeds scatter in my garden beds.  But I've discovered that "volunteer plants" often bring an unplanned unity to my garden.  Plus . . . free plants!  (And I can always pull them if I'm not happy about where they land.)


3 - The pressure is off!


No time to weed?  Lose track of your deadheading?  Well . . . in the fall, no one cares.  No one expects your garden to look good in the fall.  Shoot -- it's just a delight to still find something blooming.  And finches love the seedheads.  And there's always springtime for cleaning up!  Besides . . . if you leave some stuff out there in the garden, it becomes "winter interest" and will light up the garden when it catches the snow as it falls.


I really do love a garden in fall.  How about you???


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Your photos show just how lovely and interesting a fall garden is! Even our vegetable garden has its own beauty in the fall, from red leaves on blueberry bushes to Brussels sprouts and turnips still growing and thriving until well after frost. Enjoy!


I'm with you but mostly because I've been too lazy to get out there and do much. Including not planting my bulbs yet. Sigh.


I don't know what those bright purple berries? seeds? are, but they are stunning! Personally, while I find some of the dead and dying plants a bit depressing (I'm always sad to see the brown, dried-up hydrangeas), I love how my sedum turns a dark red this time of year.


It is a bittersweet time of the year, for sure. But - somehow my butterfly bush still has some blooms which has been much appreciated by the monarch butterflies - each warm sunny afternoon this week I have found them in number!

Julia in KW

Great pics of your garden...I have a clematis close to the house in a pot that continues to bloom that I love to see amidst all the other fall colours! What plant has the long string of right purple berries contrasting so well with the bright green leaves? Love it!


Your garden is the most interesting of all fall gardens I have a chance to see. When I can walk around Red Butte I enjoy seeing the contrasts and muted colors, the dried and still blossoming. Your beauty berries are always so lovely and vibrant! Thank you for sharing the rich, colors and textures that thrive in your garden.

kathy b

For some reason I have been busier than ever this Fall in my gardens. Many of the seeds sprouted from the echinacea thousands a friend gave me. Trouble is only two bloomed. Im told they will bloom next year. I spent more than a few days digging up the echinacea in clusters and spreading them in sunny spots for next year. Green thumbs crossed!

Fireman and I cut down our 17th tree this week. over 3 years we have taken them down. They are all the same kind and have all succumb to a bug that makes perfect holes in them and kills them. Lesson learned: whoever planted these beauties many years ago, probably never envisioned them ALL dying from a bug infestation. I'v learned to mix up the trees we purchase and plant


Beautiful!! My sister did some house sitting once and thought she'd do the owner a favor by cleaning up his garden... but she learned that he preferred to let things do as they may in fall and winter! I always remember that -- and embrace it! I love the color and texture of my garden in winter as much as any other season.

Cheryl S.

Is that clematis? What a pretty color. And blooming so late!


the muted colors of fall are a sure favorite for me ... especially the purples and golds! oh, and textures, too - how cool that finches love seedheads ... we have a lot of those and now I'm going to keep my eyes peeled :-)

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