A Retreat of Our Own
Spinning in Circles With Options

C'mon Along

. . . as I drive around this morning!

First stop -- the gym.  It's an early morning workout with my trainer.


Next stop -- the library.  Three books are on hold for me!


And finally . . . the KIA.  My drawing class is about to begin.

1C0D293D-8B64-4E1C-877E-015C1CF763F5Where have you been today?


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The coffee shop & work, so far!! :)


I love seeing these photos of the places you go. So far today I have been to Restoration Coffee, the library, the Council on Aging, the library again, Town Hall, and now the library again. Home soon, though, and then out for sushi tonight.


Errands are always more fun if friends come along! What books did we pick up at the library? So far I've just been on a walk around the neighborhood, and now I'm slaving away at the ironing board catching up on three weeks worth of ironing. (Yuck!)


To the bookstore ------ out to lunch ----- a stop at the coffee shop for a London Fog and .....................home again to knit and bake.


A brisk walk around my neighborhood and a quick trip to Whole Foods! (Although, I did get a message from the library that a book I have on hold is in!)


:-) what a fun idea for a post! I was dark early (flashlights needed - sunrise is 7:45am these days) for a walk at the park, a little later around the neighborhood with Holly ... much later to Recycling, Total Wine and then my mom's for our bi-weekly knitting group, back to her place for a glass of wine (always most welcome after knitting!) ... and finally home. I did stop - as in pulled into a side street, parked my car, got out and walked - at the lake on my way home from the park. The light was so pretty and I was grateful for having that time. xo.


Well I had coffee with two friends this a.m and then went to lunch with three of my other good buddies. I am grateful for friends! and grateful to be able to come back home and fix a pot of lentil soup for dinner. I love the idea of the retreat you created with your friend. And the pumpkin field looks like fall for sure.


I have one answer for you. The couch (and the floor for exercises). LOL While that's true for most days today I had a doctor appointment and he declared that my healing is going well and I can return in 30 days for another report. le sigh If only I could make it back to my gym (or anywhere else!) (I know I will soon!)!

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