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Circling Way Back

Most of you reading this blog know that I have two kids.  And now two kids-in-law.  But . . . for a 10-month period in 2008-2009, I actually had a third kid!  (Four . . . if you count Tom.)

Graduation 2009 013

(And we often count Tom.)

For the 2008-2009 school year, we were the host family for Dominik, a young man from the Czech Republic.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us, and Dominik was a great fit for our family.  Erin was away at college in Ohio, so she floated in and out back then, but Brian (who was a junior in high school that year) and Dominik got along famously.  Dominik was eager to experience life in an American high school with an American family, and we were eager to share it with him.  

Dominik played hockey on the high school hockey team with Brian.  (There he is, number 21.)


He and Brian had a great time together (sometimes maybe . . . a little too great. . . ).  There was a lot of laughter and a lot of joking around that year -- a real sense of adventure for all of us.

2009 chicago trip 6

We did a bit of traveling -- to show Dominik as much of America as we could.  We went to Chicago and Washington DC and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Wash DC May 09 154

There was a skiing adventure in Colorado for spring break.

Spring break and dominik prom 020

In the end, Dominik had a full American high school experience here:  football games and pep rallies, the hockey team, exam week, prom, graduation.  All of it.  He even dated an American girl while he was here!

A girl he stayed connected with . . . after he returned home to the Czech Republic.  And all through college.  And then through graduate school.  And even after he moved to Prague to begin his career.

And you know what's happening now?  Dominik . . . and that same girl he met and dated here in high school . . . are getting married!  (Talk about circling back!)  We're so excited!

Brian and Tom and I met Dominik last Saturday for dinner, which was wonderful.  (Here they are together last Saturday at Bells . . . all grown up and everything!)


And today . . . is the wedding!  
(I feel sort of like . . . cupid.)
(But mostly . .I can't wait to meet Dominik's real mom.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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What a lovely ending to a wonderful story! Congratulations to Dominik and his bride!


To stay in touch with each other (the girl and Dominik) at their young ages, there must have been a strong connection. How wonderful for your all, to share that time, to hold the memories and to have the future yet to unfold! Congratulations to Dominik and all of you!


This is so awesome! Is the wedding local to you?! Are you traveling? Can't wait to hear all the details.


I'm kinda crying here! Congratulations to Dominik and his bride and wishing a fun weekend to all of you!


This is really wonderful! Congratulations to Dominik, his bride, his family, and all of you (his second match-making family)!

kim in oregon

Amazing! I hope you'll post photos!


That is so cool. Congrats to Domenik and his bride.


This is such a great story, and I saw your photos on IG and know that it was a beautiful wedding!


What a fun story! Enjoy the weekend celebrations


I saw your photos on IG and know it was a beautiful wedding. So glad you got to meet Dominik's mom IRL AND share in their celebration!


That's so cool!! I'm sure it was a blast!

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