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A Gentle Reminder

Yesterday was a cool and rainy day here in my corner of the world.  I was running from one thing to another, and generally grumbly about having to get a cavity filled at the dentist.  I was feeling . . . put out.  Wishing I could work in my garden.  Really not wanting to go to the dentist.  Overwhelmed by the news (as usual).  And angst-ing about this and that (as one does).

And, sitting in my car in the garage, I noticed this out the window . . . 


There was a giant spider web hanging between one of my hydrangeas and my viburnum . . . just outside the garage window.  I got out of the car and into the garden to look closer.  My photo just doesn't do it justice because the background was simply "too busy."  You'll just have to imagine a delicate spider web about 2 feet across . . . covered in water droplets.  It was magnificent!

I still had to get back in the car to go my dentist appointment.  
There was still the news-overwhelm.  
And I remained vexed about a few other (very minor in the grand scheme of things) issues.  

But . . . magic!  

It was a perfect, gentle reminder for me . . . to pay attention.  To look for the good and the beautiful.
Because it's there.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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I’ve been thinking about this a lot since school started. What am I pay attention to? Because there is always something to grumble about but it makes me blind to the amazing, tiny moments that bring joy and wonder. Thanks for reminding us Kym


Ha! my thoughts exactly this week....... and what reminded me to be looking for the good? A full sized black bear running across the road as I made my way into the office. Magic! it's all around us if only we'd stop to notice.


Thanks to that spider web (along with the industrious spider and the rain!) for this reminder, and thanks to you in turn for passing it along. I have a day packed with errands and chores, but I think I'll be approaching it with attention and intention.


My picture of a spider web unexpectedly discovered outside a friend’s window is very similar to yours. Considering their extreme delicacy I think to get it at all (and with an iPad camera, hastily employed) was a real cause for celebration. It felt like stealth photography. But was really just the luck of the sunshine hitting it in the right way. I suppose with your better camera, Kym, you are used to higher quality. Nature photography. What a wonderful avocation.


Sometimes it is the little things that can turn a day around. Glad you found yours.


I hope your dentist visit went well. I love it when my gloomy thoughts are interrupted by something so full of wonder that I'm forced to open my eyes and awaken to the beautiful world around me. I think you are correct, we need to remember to pay attention. Thanks for this lovely post.


A sign of a better day ahead for sure. (I love a good spider web!) Here's to an easy news free weekend. Cheers my friend!


It's a pretty spectacular photo! It must have been incredible in real life. Here's to a Happy Weekend!!

Kim in Oregon

What a great reminder.


I think the news this week has been enough to make most of us just plain sad. So what you wrote here is a good reminder and so very true. Here is to a weekend spent paying attention to the good and the beautiful that is always with us. Thanks Kym.


That's a lovely spider web and a great reminder to stop and notice our surroundings.

Donna Nelson

Just a hint...CVS runs specials on canvas prints 1/2 price, it would make a great lifter in the wintertime. I think it,s so beautful . Thanks for sharing it


It's always a good reminder -- the good is out there; we just have to remember to look for it. I hope the dentist went as well as it could and your day improved!

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