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Zinnia Magic 1-2-3

One of my favorite flowers in my fall garden is the hard-working zinnia.  It's just lovely . . . and magical at every stage of bloom. 

First, as a bud . . . 


Then, as it opens . . . 


And, finally, in full bloom. . .


Flowers are magical, aren't they?


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Zinnias are my absolute favorite and I agree that they are lovely at every stage! Mine are still going great guns, hooray!


Flowers are magical, and zinnias especially so!


Zinnias really are magical. They ae the flowers that keep giving and giving. They last so long!


I think I'll be planting some of those!


My aunt was quite a gardener, but she always said that Zinnias were her favorite. Love your pictures.


The bud is almost prettier than the flower.

Living in Florida, I grew some exotics. They never cease to amaze. My favorite was my black Bat Plant. Check it out online sometime. Perfectly spooky for a fall blooming flower.


Zinnia's are truly a work horse and their blooms last so long - and mine are still going strong in the end of September!!

Jeannie Gray

Beautiful photos!


For all the things that technology can do, it's never as amazing as what nature can do!


One of my favorites!! So lovely.


Flowers are magical. I also love a zinnia. I save seeds from year to year and this year none of them germinated. Next year I'll start with a new batch of seeds. Do seed wear out? Maybe the rain just washed them away - who knows. Love the Friday photo too.


Lovely photos of that lovely flower!

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