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Well, folks.  It's that time of year. . . We're getting near the end of gardening season, and my garden is looking Very Tired.  Here's a view of a portion of my back border, as seen from my patio door:


I see a whole lotta brown out there in the foliage.  Some plants are dying back and preparing for the winter.  Other plants are screaming out for some pruning and cutting back.  It's time for me to assess and make plans for next year, plant some bulbs (but not until it gets closer to a freeze), and button it all up for winter.

But not quite yet!

Because some of my very favorite plants are (finally) making their blooming appearance in my garden -- and the bees and butterflies are going mad with joy.

I had planned to share my three favorite fall flowering plants in the garden, but I just couldn't limit it to three.  So today for Three on Thursday, you get Five on Thursday!

Hit it . . . 



Sweet autumn clematis


Toad lily

IMG_9630 2

So many kinds of sedum


Beauty berry


There are so many wonderful things blooming in my garden right now!  (And I didn't even include the hydrangeas.)  (Maybe next week?)  I love having flowers in bloom from the start of the growing season . . . right through to the bitter end!

What's your favorite fall bloom?


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Gorgeous! Those Toad Lilies I just love. I think I want to get some of those bulbs for Colin & Mailing. I have mixed feelings about Goldenrod...we have a lot in our boggy area and so far I'm ok, but when I was a little kid I had MAJOR allergies to goldenrod. I don't think I'm familiar with Beauty Berry, but it sure is a beauty!!


I think of Goldenrod as a weed, but it's such a lovely gold that I don't know why I think that way. The toad lily and beauty berry are indeed beautiful. It's so nice to see so many things blossoming in your fall garden!

Kim Sheehan

I love hydrangeas!


I love New England asters, but haven't had luck with them in this part of Illinois. I love hydrangeas, but they have been finished for over a month.


Gorgeous, of course! My front beds are still looking lovely since you had me plant things that are blooming right now like sedum. And the window boxes still look terrific, I think the geraniums like this cooler weather. The perennial garden by the deck? That looks like crap. LOL


Oh my! Those are some lovely late bloomers! And, I never thought of planting Goldenrod in a garden bed! Hmmm, lots of food for thought here!


That garden looks spectacular to me. I love the black-eyed susans and the blanket flower at this time of year. The orange and gold looks like one last warm summer day. I just bought a few tulips for the front landscaping. Now to plant them and cover with chicken wire to keep out the squirrels.


My hydrangeas and roses bloomed pretty early, so they're mostly done now, but the bees are really enjoying the sedum and the Russian sage. (I actually harvested a bunch of the Russian sage to try natural dyeing with it, but I was so happy to see all the bees on it that I left quite a bit!)

Carolyn S Thomas

I think your garden looks absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful place to ground oneself. Literally & figuratively. Could that be asparagus fern behind your garden Buddha? I didn't know it could grow outside in a cooler zone? Maybe it just LOOKS like asparagus fern?

Garden question for you: when you plant more bulbs, do you worry about accidentally digging up/displacing the bulbs that are already in the ground? That's been on my mind as I look at my two big bags of Costco bulbs that are waiting to go in... Thanks, Kym!!

I hope the weekend bring some calm, centering time.


Because I haven't seen beauty berry around here I think it is my favorite of your blossoms, (it also has a postage stamp this year). I also love the toad lily, but an autumn blossom is gorgeous no matter what it is.

kathy b

I usually get some fall clematis blooms of the one that is fall timed. I have a spring, summer and fall. But its looking very quiet right now. Yours are gorgeous

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