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Three . . . New T-shirts

I love a good t-shirt, and I picked up a few great ones this summer.

How about . . . I show you THREE?


First up, my shirt from Greenbush Brewing in Sawyer, Michigan.  (Their very cool logo is in what would be Lake Michigan, pointing to their location on the map).  This shirt shows all 83 Michigan counties in a great graphic format.  (Kalamazoo County is in the 2nd row from the bottom, third county from the left.)  (Our cabin is in Lake County -- 6th row from the bottom, second county from the left.)


Next -- a new workout shirt.  Telling it like it is!


And, finally, my wish for all of you!

What's YOUR favorite t-shirt say?


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Carolyn S Thomas

That new workout tee is TOPS!!! Love them all, but that one takes the cake. Have fun :)


I agree with Carolyn - love all your new Tees, but the work out one if the BEST.


Three great T-shirts, and like others, I really like the workout one. Saying yes to beer is pretty much the reason I exercise at all!


Those are fabulous! I think the work out shirt is my fav and DUDE! YOUR ARMS! Rockin' the tank top, friend.


Two ice hockey sticks

Underneath those it says ------- Bringing our EH game. (It's a Canadian thing. LOL)

LOVE your Freddie shirt.


Love love love that Michigan County tee! It is so awesome!

kathy b

YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! My fave says Leos: blah blah blah and then ends with and swears like a sailor....ooops it is true. I also love my CUBS t shirt. I love my long sleeve t shirt that say
And they lived happily ever after and it is a girl leading her horse!


Awesome shirts -- I laughed out loud at the third one!

Most of my t-shirts are just a solid color (can't wear anything with words on it to work), but a favorite is one that says "You're killing me, Smalls!" There seems to be a very specific group of people who get the reference.


I love your 3rd T! My favorite T-shirts say KRCL (my community station).

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