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Not a Cardigan . . .

This year, I'm really trying to be intentional about my knitting.  
Only knitting what I will actually wear or use.  
Sticking with the yarn I already have.  
In colors I love.  
And styles that suit me.  
No KALs.  No mysteries.  
No! Shiny! Objects!

And it's been working.

Now I need a cardigan.  
A gray cardigan.  
I've been spending quite a bit of time considering patterns, and I've found a few that will match my needs.  (This one, this one, or maybe this one.)  I have the yarn.  I'm ready to go.

And yet.

And yet.

I keep seeing shiny objects flashing across my Instagram feed.  And these particular shiny objects are lighting up all the Just-Do-It centers in my brain like crazy!

I caved. . . 


Not a cardigan.

Not gray.

But a whole lot of fun to knit!  
(And I'm good with that.)

Turns out . . . this need to play with color. . .  is currently overriding my need for a
(plain old)
(not really)
gray, wool cardigan.
And I'm knitting in a near-obsessive way right now. 

How about you?  What are you knitting right now?



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That is such a beautiful, wonderfully colorful cave!


Oh that is so gorgeous Kym! And, when your color satisfaction has been hit, I love both Miriam and Wait (I think that's the name - the last one by Bristol Ivy). A grey cardigan will be such a fabulous staple piece. Meanwhile this piece looks like sheer joy to knit. Enjoy!!


Oh that color work is gorgeous! And the cardigan can wait, I say.

Kim in Oregon

I am trying to be intentional, and have not bought yarn for a while, but my shiny things are embroidery and paper art, so.


Absolutely gorgeous! That is fun knitting Kym! I have a grey pullover that needs the sleeves put in (which I'm nervously avoiding) (but should get the heck done) and I'm knitting a grey baby blanket. And I've got grey yarn wound for a Mycroft by Isabell Kraemer.


Oh, that's gorgeous!! And the obsession is completely understandable.

I am working on a baby cardigan in a very dark, un-baby like colorway -- and I keep thinking that the recipient is most definitely going to prefer GIRLY/PINK -- but maybe I'll combine it with something more in that realm.

I also just cast on (willy-nilly) a gradient-type yarn that I dyed YEARS ago for a hat! No recipient in mind just yet, but I'm excited to knit it!


LOVE obsession knitting! And, that is the most glorious obsession knit! (and I love the colors!)

As for your grey cardigan choices - I love all three! And, think that a grey cardigan knit would be the perfect photographed against those glorious Michigan Fall colors!

(my obsessive knit... Reagan!)


I'm glad you're going with it and knitting what feels good in the moment. and here's hoping we like the look of the crop and can figure out a way to wear it, because I am totally on board with the idea ... and this design!


It has grey in it ..... so it is totally a "grey"ish sweater. (P.S. It is VERY pretty.)


I had a similar experience with casting on a Soldotna Crop. But it's a quick knit and I managed to knit mine entirely out of stash, so I don't feel too guilty. I love the tweed in yours and the colors you've chosen!

Carolyn S Thomas

Holy smokes!!!!! Your colorwork is jaw-dropping!! What I'm knitting now is quite simple....a long 'smock' or apron, from Taproot magazine. I needed a fairly mindless project for drives, daughter's VB games, family movie night (which often struggles to hold my attention)--and this is fitting the bill.


In answer to your question: "not a cardigan!"
I can see why you were drawn to this new piece - it's already lovely ! I look forward to seeing the finished piece! Knit on!


I can see you in anyone of the cardigan choices! Or all three in colors that work for you. I LOVE your yoked sweater and have considered many patterns this past year as the look is very popular right now. It's so fun to play with color!


I love your Soldotna color choices! I own both Miriam and Newsom (the twin of Waits) and wear them allllll the time. My Miriam is in black and it probably wins my most wearable sweater award. My Newsom is in a brown/gray mix. You can't go wrong.


That yoke is beautiful. Go knit where your heart leads. Color is a fun exploration and feels like play to me.

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