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Hello From the Other Side

(Soundtrack for today's post.)


It's me.

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.


I knit the first of these socks four years ago.  
(Maybe even five, because it's kind of a blur.)  
(And time flies when you're knitting other things.)  

I'm not exactly sure why I didn't knit the second sock right away, because it's not like me to let a project linger like that. But I think it was the pooling.  I remember struggling to get the yarn to . . . not pool so much.  (I changed needles sizes, I know.)  (And I'm pretty sure I re-started more than once at various places in the skein.) 

So it was kind of a break-up, of sorts.  I guess.

But . . . hello from the other side.


At least I can say that I've tried . . . 

Two socks.  Together!  At last.

(Even though the pooling makes my eye twitch.)
(And now you know I'll never wear them in my shoes.*)


You can find the details here - on Ravelry.


* It was so very heartening to read your comments last week and realize I'm not the only one who doesn't like to wear hand knit socks with shoes!


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Even though you'll never wear them in shoes and you hate the pooling, you will have warm feet and the satisfaction of a lovely FO!


I think these are gorgeous! And...if you did wear them in shoes, the pooling wouldn't make your eyes twitch because you wouldn't see it - lol.


Pretty socks Kym...pooling and all. And for the record...I upped my weights this morning. :-)


Those socks look great (and good job you on pooling reduction!) I am amazed that you managed to match the second sock so well to the first! Well done!


I think pooling is something you either love or hate, but when your feet are cold, it hardly seems to matter either way!


Remember my mantra: done is better than perfect!

kim in oregon

"Pooling makes my eyes twitch" should be a lyric in that song!


I'm not crazy about that type of yarn and it's one reason I went to plain yarns or self-striping. But! You have a finished pair of socks and they're not hanging over your head unfinished. Cozy toes when it's a little chilly whilst reading will be nice!


Great socks - so nice they can be reunited. Warm feet - in or out of shoes - is always a good thing.

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