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Circling Back ... On a Friday

I thought it might be . . . fun? interesting? . . . to circle back to some of my recent posts with some follow up.

Let's go!


At the beginning of August, I shared my "bucket list" for the month.  I thought it might be interesting to circle back and see how I did with my list.


Not 100%, but not a bad showing at all.  Still need to refresh my containers (the plants were still looking pretty good through August, so I decided to just wait for the mums in September) and clean out my fridge (and the stand-up paddleboard is just going to have to wait for next summer) -- but I got to most of the things on my list.

The thing I'm most pleased about?  Getting that dang Alaska trip photo book put together and ordered (Shutterfly) because it was really a pain in the butt to do.

The thing I liked best?  My day at the Lake Michigan shore!



Last week I wrote about wedding gifts we still have and use regularly -- still.  Even after 38 years.  In my post, I mentioned that I still use the "happy mushroom" potholders I received as a shower gift -- up at our cabin.  

Well.  I decided to take a picture of them while we were up north this last week so I could circle back and share them with you.


Both the mushroom and the raccoon-with-vegetables potholders were part of kitchen sets that also included dishtowels (long gone).  (The rooster potholder?  I have no idea when he showed up, but it wasn't a wedding gift.)  Although showing a lot of wear and tear, these potholders have stood the test of time in my (now cabin) kitchen.

And you might want to . . . circle back . . . yourself and read the comments on my wedding gift post -- because they are just marvelous and well worth reading!  I thank all of you who shared your wedding gift stories (and feel free to add more to this post).


Not long ago, I talked about having reusable bags with you all the time -- so you never need to grab a plastic bag again at the store.  Most of you are already on board with the reusable bags -- but a couple of you mentioned produce bags, so I wanted to circle back and show you the ones I use.


Many years ago, I picked up a set of inexpensive produce bags (in varying sizes) right there in my grocery store produce department. They're made of a lightweight mesh fabric, and have simple drawstrings at the top.  I use them ALL the time.  (I keep them tucked into one of my bigger reusable bags so I always have them handy.)  They're washable and surprisingly sturdy.

Want to make some produce bags?  I found a produce bag pattern (FREE) on Ravelry!  (I think a set of these would make a great gift.)


And that's it for this week!  Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday.


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Nice job on the list Kym! And thanks for pointing out those produce bags...I'm going to have to get some of those soon. Gifting that letter opener tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend. xo


I love this idea of circling back and following up on your earlier posts. I need to refresh my containers now - some things are just tired and done and I think I might shop for mum tomorrow once Dorian has moved along.


Bravo on your list! That is most impressive - truly! But, the biggest BRAVO is for putting those vacation photos in order - that is truly the biggest pain... ever! Well done!

Kim Sheehan

I clicked on the Rav link and guess what? Already in my queue! Yes, I think these would be lovely gifts!


I need to look for those produce bags. I saw them some time back, but don't recall seeing them recently. I'm impressed you have pot holders that old! Mine have gotten so burnt...I need some new ones.


I like circling back and following up! I'm impressed with your list and that you have 38-year-potholders; mine seem to get burned and grubby after just a few years. Yet another thing that I'll be adding to my 40 year anniversary party list of requested gifts along with pyrex bowls.


I have a set of mesh bags I have been using for years and just bought some muslin to make some storage bags for fridge produce. And well done on you August list.


I had mesh bags years ago and never replaced them once they were gone. I'll be looking for a new set! You did well on your list, as I knew you would. I'm heading to the nursery (shortly) to see what they'll suggest for my carport containers. They have been the only color around my place this year (besides the green in my front garden). You've taken very good care of your wedding pot holders! Mine are lo-o-ng gone.


Thanks for that link to the produce bags. I've been feeling less bad about using the ones in store since Trader Joe's started using compostable ones, but reusable is even better.

Well done on your list!


Great work on the list. Thanks for the reminder to pick up some produce bags. I've been meaning to do that. I also just saw some silicone dishwasher safe snack bags that can be used instead of zip-locks. I'm going to get a couple and see how they work.


That's a great way to look back at a month, Kym! Super-impressed you've done an Alaska photobook (especially already!) Our containers are very sad looking - very hot and little rain these past few weeks, but it's just too hot right now to plant anything for fall. Maybe come October?


Ali gave me a set of mesh bags for my birthday a couple of years ago. They're the first re-usable bags I used on the regular, mainly because they folded up so nicely and fit right into a pocket in my purse.

I think that's phenomenal progress on your list!

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