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Checked Your Calendars Lately?

Today . . . is September 25.  Which means in exactly 3 (very fast) months, it will be Christmas day.  And a few days less than that even for the start of Hannukah.  So.  If you're planning any holiday gift knitting, you better "get your wiggle on" (one of my mom's favorite sayings).  

And I'm here to help you!  This month, my stash give-away includes two very gift-knitty kinds of yarn!

First up . . . 


Two skeins of Mountain Colors River Twist yarn in the Pine Creek colorway, worsted weight, 100% Merino wool.  Each skein is 240 yards, so there is plenty of yarn there to knit up some nice, gift-y accessories (or, of course, something for yourself).  The colors in the photo are pretty accurate -- muted tones in shades of (mostly) greens, blues, and plums.

And then I've got . . . 


Two skeins of Knit Picks Capra DK in the Harbor colorway, DK weight, 85% Merino wool/15% cashmere.  Each skein is 123 yards, plenty to make a great cowl or hat.  The color in the photo is quite accurate.  (I notice there's a strand of my hair that made it's way into the photo there.  I'll make sure that doesn't come with the yarn.)

Interested in one or the other?  Or both?  Let me know in the comments before Tuesday, (gasp) October 1 at 5:00 pm Eastern time.  I'll pick names out of a hat and notify the winners by email.


In knitting news, here's the current state of my Felix pullover sweater.


Oh, sure.  It looks fine NOW.  But . . . well . . . there has been some unraveling.  A word (or two) of advice, should you knit a Felix for yourself.  First:  when you're on the short row shaping AND trying to establish the eyelet raglan increases?  Don't watch TV.  Second:  when you switch out to a longer cable needle to accomodate the growing number of stitches?  Make sure you've got the right size needle.  And when you wonder to yourself why it feels a bit different?  Trust that.

But I'm on track now!  (Let's just say . . . I got really good at doing those eyelet raglan increases.)


How about YOU?  What are you knitting this week?


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Oh boy, I hear you on picking up the wrong sized needle, I've done that more times than I care to admit. I'd love to have that Mountain River yarn so please enter me into your giveaway this time. Thanks!


Been there and done that with the wrong sized needles. And you're right -- if something feels amiss, trust yourself and start checking things out. Been there and didn't do that and wished I had...

Love the Mountain River and would be delighted if you'd toss my name in for it.

Many thanks for the chance.


I hesitate to do this, but since I've just cleaned out my stash and have gifts to knit, please enter me in your giveaway for the Mountain Colors River Twist. I think Justin's girlfriend requested a cowl in that very colorway (not really, but I bet she would if she read your blog)!


P.S. Felix is looking good! Glad you got those pesky problems worked out and are back on track!


I love your Felix! It's high on my list right now but we'll see...I vowed no other sweater until the one in pieces is assembled. (Damn.)


Your sweater is so pretty. I would like my name thrown in for the Mountain Colors River Twist. Thanks for the opportunity.


I love the Mountain colors!


Please include me in the drawing for the knit picks yarn. Such a pretty color! I would live to knit a gift (or maybe something for myself) with that yarn.
Please pick me!


The Mountain Colors is quite nice. Thanks for the opportunity to throw my name in the hat.


I love the pattern it is making on the shoulder increases.

I started my very first fingering weight sweater the other day. It's slow going, but so far I like how it looks.


I've lost count of how many times I've done the same thing with the wrong needle size! The sweater looks none the worse for the ripping, though, and it's going to be a perfect fall sweater when it's done!


Your Felix is cute! (and I am glad it is back on track!) My holiday gift knitting is almost finished! Woo!


I'm thinking warmth so I've got a pair of socks on the needles (you're not surprised?) and a pair of mitts. This weekend is Alta Retreat so, of course, it's going to be cold! (I'll be at home girding my loins for surgery). :)

Kathy Ellerton

You have my sympathies regarding watching tv and then having to unravel your work. I've done that so many times and yet, I sit down in front of the tv and pick up my knitting and try it again. Both the Mountain Colors and Knit Picks yarn are lovely, but I am a Mountain Colors fan. Their colorways are so beautiful and remind me of the mountains.


Your Felix is looking good! I've messed up my knitting when watching TV, you'd think I'd learn to knit the tricky parts without distraction!
Please put my name in for the Mountain Colors yarn!


This week I'm shortening the elbow length sleeves on my Uma sweater, having already knit 5 sleeves to get 2 proper ones. Thanks for the giveaway. I'd like either of those gorgeous yarns.


Felix is looking great! Love the color too. Your give-away yarns are gorgeous, but please do not include me...I already won some from you!!


Well I will keep trying. I l.o.v.e. that multi coloured yarn, the mountain Twist. I love your new sweater. That is a colour I can't wear but i love it on other people!!
Enjoy your week...
expecting cooler weather up here in Alberta...


I love the mountain colors yarn - please drop my name in the hat.


Oh my gosh. I am sometimes relieved to know that even after all these years/projects/stitches, I'm not the only one who makes those kinds of mistakes! Sorry for you, but glad you figured it out before TOO long.


Felix looks great. I know - the wrong needle in the right sized package. Last winter I finally sat down and sized all needles and put them in the correct packages. I also made a mental note to check needle size every time. I have a needle gauge in a little basket on the end table near my end of the love seat where I do most of my knitting. Honestly - how long does it take me? ;-) Anyway your sweater looks like it will be for autumn and winter. You are very generous with your yarns but no thank you. My goal is to whittle down my own stash.


Ready to start holiday knitting, the Mountain Colors would be a good choice. (I'm almost finished finally, with two more blue projects for our new Gr. grandson, born 2+ mos early). I also like the Knit Picks, love the color, but I'll let you decide which one if my name is chosen. Please enter it, and thanks for the opportunity too.

kathy b

That Mountain Colors would be my pick please!

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