Not a Cardigan . . .
Circling Back ... On a Friday

Bridget Started It!

Last week, Bridget did a Three on Thursday post with an interesting twist:  She listed three things that she hates does not like . . . but that everyone else DOES like.

It got me thinking.
And it got Tom thinking along with me.

Today, I'm sharing the results with Not-One-But-THREE lists of things we don't like . . . but that everyone else seems to like.


(But first . . . this photo.  It's actually a photo of something I DO like -- rusty metal things -- that most people probably never notice.)  (This particular rusty metal thing is on the lighthouse pier in Ludington, Michigan.)

Anyway.  On with our lists . . . 

Three Things I Don't Like that Everyone Else Seems To Like:

  1. Popcorn (I don't even like the smell, but it's mostly the kernels getting stuck in my teeth.)  (And the flavor.)
  2. Daylilies (Yep.  The only flower I don't really care for.)
  3. Breaking Bad (That show makes my skin crawl.)

Three Things That Tom Doesn't Like that Everyone Else Seems To Like:

  1. Popcorn (He REALLY hates the smell, and especially if it's slightly burned.)
  2. It's a Wonderful Life (He has actually been made to feel like a pariah for this one on more than one occasion.)
  3. College football.  (Never a fan; doesn't care.)

And here's my bonus list -- Three Things Related to Knitting That I Don't Like that Most Knitters Seem To Like:

  1. Yarns that pool.  (They give me an eye twitch.)
  2. The whole "fade" thing.  (Unless it's done really, really well.)  
  3. Wearing hand knit socks with shoes.  (I know.  This one will probably get me thrown out of Knitlandia.  But while I am charmed by hand knit socks and wear them around the house, they are just too thick for me to wear inside shoes.*)  

How about you?  What do you dislike . . . that most people seem to like?


* Please keep in mind that I hate wearing shoes, generally.  And especially with socks.