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Circling Back ... On a Friday

Bridget Started It!

Last week, Bridget did a Three on Thursday post with an interesting twist:  She listed three things that she hates does not like . . . but that everyone else DOES like.

It got me thinking.
And it got Tom thinking along with me.

Today, I'm sharing the results with Not-One-But-THREE lists of things we don't like . . . but that everyone else seems to like.


(But first . . . this photo.  It's actually a photo of something I DO like -- rusty metal things -- that most people probably never notice.)  (This particular rusty metal thing is on the lighthouse pier in Ludington, Michigan.)

Anyway.  On with our lists . . . 

Three Things I Don't Like that Everyone Else Seems To Like:

  1. Popcorn (I don't even like the smell, but it's mostly the kernels getting stuck in my teeth.)  (And the flavor.)
  2. Daylilies (Yep.  The only flower I don't really care for.)
  3. Breaking Bad (That show makes my skin crawl.)

Three Things That Tom Doesn't Like that Everyone Else Seems To Like:

  1. Popcorn (He REALLY hates the smell, and especially if it's slightly burned.)
  2. It's a Wonderful Life (He has actually been made to feel like a pariah for this one on more than one occasion.)
  3. College football.  (Never a fan; doesn't care.)

And here's my bonus list -- Three Things Related to Knitting That I Don't Like that Most Knitters Seem To Like:

  1. Yarns that pool.  (They give me an eye twitch.)
  2. The whole "fade" thing.  (Unless it's done really, really well.)  
  3. Wearing hand knit socks with shoes.  (I know.  This one will probably get me thrown out of Knitlandia.  But while I am charmed by hand knit socks and wear them around the house, they are just too thick for me to wear inside shoes.*)  

How about you?  What do you dislike . . . that most people seem to like?


* Please keep in mind that I hate wearing shoes, generally.  And especially with socks. 


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Reality television ----------------just don't get the intrigue.

Summer -----------not a fan. Maybe 34 years in Florida made me a bit jaded. Give me a cold, fresh day over heat and humidity ANY time.

Fish ...................just.can' Not just one KIND of fish.............ALL.OF.THEM.

There are my three. :-)


Okay, so no popcorn in your house, got it!

I can understand the socks in shoes thing. I generally only wear my handknit socks inside my Dansko clogs, which are roomy and made for that purpose, if you ask me. I can see how thicker socks would be uncomfortable inside a tighter shoe.

So, my three things? Hmm. I'd say number one is pumpkin spice lattes. I only like my pumpkin spice in pumpkin baked things, thank you very much. Number two: ice cream from those places that add in all that stuff, like Coldstone -- too much for me! Three: lilies as well! But I'm allergic to them, so I think that's reasonable.

kim in oregon

Agree with Tom on its a wonderful life. Two other things: cheese (I eat it but I'm not a fan) and humus (I can't even eat it, and apparently I can't spell it either).


Hmmmm....truffle oil (yuck!), IPA beer (sorry!) and Dunkin' Donuts coffee (the anti-New England sentiment!). Fun post Kym! (And I'm with you on the thank-you!


I'm with you and Tom on popcorn (the fake butter makes it smell like vomit to me), and considering that I'm not a fan of lawlessness, drug abuse, and violence, I think that Breaking Bad is just awful. Also IPA. But I do love your three lists of three things and also rusty metal things! (I'm tempted to share some of my favorites next week.)


I am so with you on Breaking Bad! I don’t like any reality shows. And I don’t like gardening, at all. I always say you’ll know I won the lottery when we have beautiful gardens because then I’d have hired a Gardner.

Cheryl S.

I am absolutely in sync with you on the knitting things.

I hate reality shows (we really don't watch any TV except a few select series that we watch on Netflix streaming or DVD). I don't like pumpkin-spice anything (not even a fan of pumpkin pie, though I do like those pumpkin cake roll-ups with the cream cheese filling). And I don't like soda pop. Except for tonic water when it's mixed with gin, and occasionally some ginger ale in a cocktail.


I am dying - POP CORN??!!! I would say it is most fortunate that you and Tom found each other then - because it is practically every else in America's favorite snack! LOL

(oh... and that pooling yarn thing? It is simply the most horrid thing ever.)


That's why my newfound love for knitting DK/Worsted weights socks is a WINNER... no WAY they're ever gonna fit into shoes, and I don't even have to pretend. And I am so with you on the entire sock/shoe situation. It's always a sad, sad day when the sandals are put away...


Great lists Kym. Though I will say I do like popcorn - but only kernels popped in the microwave in a brown bag (not already flavored) or air popped. I get physically sick when I smell microwave popcorn (which Fletch consumes on too regular a basis). And I do wear my hand knit socks in shoes - especially my hiking boots!

So my dislikes:
1. TV in general but especially reality TV and sports (sorry!)
2. Cheese on meat - no cheeseburgers for me or cheese steaks. I like some cheese and I like meat - just not together.
3. Smoothies. I mean they taste ok, but I would rather chew my food - lol.


Well, I like popcorn once in a while...and LUV day lillies! I really don't like modern movies, at. all. We watch a lot of TCM in this house or select from N's very extensive collection of movies.
It is interesting how people's tastes run; thanks for this post; fun!


We like popcorn. I have mixed feelings about It's a Wonderful Life. It's a looooong slog to get to a very quick payoff, in my opinion. But I do generally watch it during the Christmas season. I'm not a huge fan of daylilies and I watched half of one season of Breaking Bad before deciding it wasn't for me. (Dale loves it, though.) I'm with you on pooling yarn, I don't know what fade means, and I love hand knit socks but I don't wear them with shoes, just boots.


Here are my three: 1. Pancakes, especially at those pancake breakfast fundraisers. 2. Pumpkin Spice coffee. 3. Cookie dough anything or soft, underbaked cookies, I like my cookies crisp!
I can't wear my knit socks with shoes, only with my snow boots or a pair of Birkenstocks.


1. Reality TV.
2. Any latte, any flavoring
3. Elton John

And pretty much everything on your lists except handknit socks which I would die (freeze to death) without. Knitlandia is very very diverse and we like you know matter what you like to knit (or not)! :) Smith like popcorn and, while I'm not a fan, I will eat a few kernels. He also likes Breaking Bad. I watched one episode and I was out of the room.


I like the idea of popcorn but the kernels keep me away from it.
I like my socks thin so no hand knit socks for me
Don’t like Day lilies or paper whites
Never watched Breaking Bad
I also don’t like the phrase It is what it is

Fun lists


Ooh this fun! Right off - Game of Thrones (I know, heresy). My husband and I just don’t get it. Although we appreciated the production values the two times we tried it. The next two I’ll have to think about.


Fun post!

I'm with you Tom on It's a Wonderful Life -- although admitting that out loud can be considered almost sacrilegious. I watched Breaking Bad twice and never again. And I don't like pumpkin coffee stuff. I want my coffee to taste like coffee and my pumpkin in a muffin.

I do have a soft spot for my knitted socks (and have a very pretty pair courtest of your giveaways) but only in slippers or Danskos.

Carolyn S Thomas

LOVE this theme...! I hate carnations.


Haha I just saw this now (didn't really check many blogs on vacation last week), and I'm enjoying it all!

Isn't it actually kinda fun once you get going?

OMG pooling yarn is the absolute worst - and I think I'm with you on the fading thing - or maybe I'm just tired of that "trend."

Thanks for playing along!

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