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The not-a-gray-cardigan . . . is finished!

IMG_5942 2

Such a fast-and-furious knit for me!  Like . . . two weeks.  Two weeks of rather obsessive knitting.

Why so fast, you're wondering?
I think because . . . Color!  Pattern!  
For me, whenever there is color or patterning action in whatever I'm knitting, it all just seems to go faster.  I guess because I'm so eager to see what will happen next.  Y'know?  
(Also . . . it's cropped.)  
(And no sleeves.)  
(So there's that, too.)

But, mostly . . . it was just plain FUN.  So I couldn't put it down.


All I wanna do is have some fun . . . 
I gotta feeling I'm not the only one.

All I wanna do is have some fun . . . 
I gotta feeling the party has just begun.


You can see all the details on Ravelry, here.


So, you're probably wondering . . . Is it gray cardigan time now???

Why . . . no.  Apparently it's not! 

I was doing a "needle amnesty" on Monday (you know . . . rounding up all the - many - loose needles laying around in my knitting bag and in other random corners of my house, then corralling them in their proper needle places) (again) (does anyone else need to to that once in a while????) . . . and I discovered that I had cast on and knit the ribbing for a Felix Pullover late last spring.  I remembered - once I found it - that I had put it away because spring was imminent, and I wasn't in the mood to knit a wool sweater right then.  

But I am now!

Still not-a-gray-cardigan. . .


How about you?  What are you making this week?


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A-MAZING Kym! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I'm weighing Felix big time myself right now. Gotta finish a blanket...I may be able to cast on this weekend though!


That sweater is adorable and perfect on you! And the Felix pullover . . . so tempting. I've got to finish the Peace Cowl (my feelings about it aren't very peaceful) and then fix my Stopover but then, oh then, I'll be ready to knit something new. I'm thinking Romi's new shawl with Kim's yarn but that Felix pullover is pretty tempting, too.


Absolutely perfect! Your modifications are extensive but so worthwhile to knit the sweater you wanted. I can hardly believe that you only used four colors because it's so colorful, but you've used them in perfect combination and in just the right places. It would be nice to figure out that modeled neckline, but congratulations on a sweater that you'll wear and get oodles of compliments!


Kym!!! This turned out so gorgeous and looks fabulous on you. Bright, cheerful and just je ne sais quoi. I love it. Gosh, that was a ton of mods...I see what you mean about the neckline - the pattern shots are much wider....

What color is your Felix? That looks like a fab pattern too.


Wow, what a cute top! I bet you'll wear it a lot this Fall. It looks great on you and I hope you enjoy it!


I know what you mean about the neckline - that is absolutely not the same neckline. I had the same issue with my Stopover. I drastically altered the neckline to get that look - it took some figuring but it worked!

However, all that said - your Soldotna is so cute!

Kim Sheehan

That is an amazing FO. So perfect looking! Brava!


Your Soldotna may be my fave of the ones I've seen! Wear it in good health. xo


Does a mess count??? I'm making a mess, but it's okay because when I am done I'll have an organized sewing box.

Your sweater is beautiful and you look great wearing it.


Love the new sweater! It's perfect! When we move to the NC mountains next year (from Florida) I may need to refer back to this pattern. :-)

Just cast on for a wedding shawl. The kids set a date. October 26th. Um, not much notice... But they are thrilled and ready to tie the knot after being together for seven years. I'm making the Echo Flower Shawl.


Wow! Love this! And good job making it the sweater YOU want. I'm knitting a Humulus sweater right now for my son's girlfriend, and then hope to start a Stonecrop cardigan for me. Although as I type, I wonder if I need something simpler? -- we have a lot of travel coming up this fall.


What an AWESOME finish!! That sweater is on my very short list of shopping for when I visit Espace Tricot on Friday ... and the Felix Cardigan is also in the queue #greatminds and also YAY for sweater weather!!


It looks so amazing on you! I, too, found it to be an incredibly quick and addictive knit.


You just need to find the right pattern, something that really floats your boat and this sweater has so many possibilities. Isn't it wonderful that you have the skills to make the changes you needed to make the sweater fit the way you want? I love your colors and the colors of the other knitters in the thumbnails. You'll enjoy wearing it this winter as you will the Felix sweater, too.


Hahaha. How quickly we forget... You'll get to that gray cardigan eventually!

Love your NOT-a-gray-cardigan!!


That is a great little sweater. You are rocking it. And yes, every now and then I do a round-up and return the stuff in the knitting bags to its rightful storage spot. It is amazing what I can find.

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