Circling Back ... On a Friday
Get Strong

A Most Monday Kind of Monday

Okay, gang.  
My Summer 'O Fun is officially over.  
I'm behind in every. single. aspect. of my life (except my garden - which isn't too bad given the season - and my workouts, so at least I've got those).  
It's time for me to pay the piper.

Also time to . . . 


(Here's where I share things I've been thinking about over the weekend.)


A Quote

"Time is a created thing.  To say 'I don't have time' is to say 'I don't want to.'"
-----Lao Tzu



A Word

I recently finished reading Inland by Téa Obreht.  (Excellent book, by the way.)  I looked up several words while reading, including this one:


Redoubtable . . . is one of those words that I always think means one thing, but it really means another.  Somehow, I've never been able to keep the actual meaning straight in my head, and I need to look it up every time I encounter it again.  But I think I'll be able to remember it now - after reading Inland.  Because  (and this isn't really a spoiler) it's a bit of a plot point.


To Read


Okay, so maybe I've already convinced you that you might want to read Inland.  But just in case you're looking for more reading suggestions, here's a preview of fall book releases to watch for in the coming months.  

(The article calls itself the "listicle of listicles" -- which is perfect.)
(I wish I'd thought of it first.)
(I may borrow the term in future.)


A Reminder

Although planting time is several weeks off, it's time to get your spring bulbs lined up now.


Now is the time to pick up - or order from online bulb specialists - the bulbs you want to see flowering in your garden come spring.  Do it now -- while the selection is still good.  I know . . . the hardest part is remembering to plant them later in the fall.  When you're not wanting to think about your garden anymore.  And the weather is a bit crappy.  And the ground is cold and hard.


Next spring - when you are desperate for color and blooms of any kind - you will be so glad you did!  (Always totally worth it.)

I recently ordered crocus, daffodils, and allium bulbs.  And I saw a nice assortment of bulbs at Costco last Friday.  It's time!


And that's it for this Monday.
Here's to a good and productive week for all of us!


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So.many.good.books. I am most excited for fall into winter reading! And, thanks for this new word (and for the teaser to Tea's new book!) Have an awesome week!

(and thanks for the bulb reminder!!)


Perfect post for my last cup of coffee, Kym. The part about spring bulbs made me smile. I wonder if our Costco has bulbs ... I think they're still selling pool noodles and sunscreen!


Redoubtable doesn't mean what I always think it means, and it's also got pretty broad meanings. Thanks for the fall book list and the bulb reminder. I need both of them, just like I need the motivation from Lao Tzu!


I love that quote - thanks


Love that quote! I'm on the library list for Inland...hoping it comes through soon. And redoubtable...I can't wait to use it in a sentence! xo

kim in oregon

Thanks for the book list! I think I have Inland on the kindle!


Love the quote and I'm on hold at our local library for Inland. Redoubtable - interesting definitions. Not what I expected. Thanks for the link to the listicle (what a great word). Bulbs...I think Fletch and I need to get some for Colin & Mailing - a Fall present perhaps.

Carolyn S Thomas

I picked up 100 bulbs at Costco last week! So a perfectly timed post--thank you! You've saved me from a garden faux pas... I was going to put my bulbs in the ground this week. Too early? What is your guide for when to plant spring bulbs? Thank you!


Maybe this is the year I finally plant some bulbs???
Thanks for the reminder!!


Thanks for the reminder - I really want to plant allium bulbs this fall. And more daffodils because I can't get enough but I need to find a place for them where those yellow leaves that last for months won't make me crazy.


It's hard to think about spring when we've got temps in the high 80s coming this week, but it's a good reminder!

I've just added Inland to my holds at the library (looks like I'll have a bit of a wait!).


I've ordered snowdrops ( I had a good showing last spring and think I have room for even more). Thanks for letting me know Costco has a good selection of crocus as I could also fill in with a few yellow. I loved seeing the word "redoubtable" and learning more about it. It was an important word in the over all story. What a story! I don't even know how to weed through all the books on the listicle of listicles! (Great title).

Julia in KW

That quote...mind blown! Thanks!


Thanks for the reminder to purchase some bulbs. I've been enabled. Actually I have two little spots out front where I want to plant tulips. Time to decide on the colors.


That quote is so true.

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