Brief Interlude
That Last-Monday-in-August Feeling

Yarn . . . From My Stash to Yours

Between my crazy summer and some trips here and there, I've gotten completely off schedule with my stash giveaways.  Oh, well.  Isn't that what summer is all about?  Going with the flow and enjoying a more relaxed pace?

I think so!

Let's celebrate a late summer Friday by giving away some yarn, shall we?

First up . . . 


This is Bloomfield/Heritage HandPaint from Heritage Spinning and Weaving in the "Up North" color way.  It's a 50/50 Silk/Merino Wool mix; about 650 yards/5 oz; fingering weight.

I remember my daughter picking this skein out back when she was in late high school or early college . . . when she came to the Michigan Fiber Festival with me.  It's lovely yarn - and there are nice memories in the skein.  But.  Her tastes have changed, and this color is . . . well, Not Her Thing anymore.  So it's time for this yarn to make another knitter happy.


Next up . . . 


Two little skeins of Hacho by Mirasol Peru.  This Peruvian yarn is 100% merino wool; DK weight; 137 yards/50g per skein; shade #308.  This yarn has been in my stash for a very long time (I know because the label is from a yarn store here in Kalamazoo that went out of business shortly after I moved here . . . 17 years ago!)  I always liked the colors, but just never seemed inspired enough to make something with it.  It's time for this lovely yarn to inspire another knitter.


If you're interested in either yarn -- or both! --  just leave a comment by Thursday, August 29 at 5pm EST and let me know.  I'll draw names from a hat and notify the winner by email.  (Just FYI . . . the colors in the photographs are very true-to-life.)


Have a great weekend!  Enjoy these last days of August.


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Beautiful yarn Kym...but I've got plenty! ;-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend too. xo


The colors in “Up North” are beautiful. I see a lovely cowl made from this yarn.


Lovely yarn, but since I'm seriously considering a stash giveaway of my own, I'll just thank you for the pretty pictures!


Beautiful and inspiring colors! I hope that the new recipient of these skeins will put them to good use! (Sadly, not me please! XO)


Both of these yarns are beautiful and would make some lovely accessories for any of my 3 daughters (young adults and very knit worthy!) I'm in Canada so not sure if I would still qualify but if so would be happy with either, or both!


Gorgeous yarns Kym! Please don't include me - I've already benefited from your stash give-aways!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


I'm also bowing out of consideration because I have enough yarn to keep me happy for a long while, but these will certainly make someone's day. Happy weekend!

kim in oregon

I've already grabbed some stash so I won't toss my hat in for the Hacho but it is really lovely yarn.


I’m currently up north, so that skein really calls to me.


The fingering weight colors are right up my alley. I’d love to add it to my stash!


I would love to add either of these yarns to my stash - which is actually considerably diminished at this point. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks!


Both of those yarns are just beautiful! I would love to put my name in the drawing.

kathy b

I would use the bloomfield for a shawl for sure! I am always drawn to blues. Nice of you to have another give away!


There seems to be a theme to your destashing as both of those yarns are of similar colour-way. I'd love to have either of them!


Both yarns are lovely! Please include me in the drawing. Thanks!


Well of course you know your Canadian Connection will always take either one .....I love the navy coloured yarn ...but like I say...either one....
Glad you are back and ready for September. We have had a very wet, cool summer and many are feeling like it was not summer at all.

Michele Parker

I would love the chance to knit with either or your generous donations. We have a vacation home in the U.P. -- both colorways remind me of the big lake. Thanks for the opportunity!

Connie Kline

The Bloomfield is lovely and I can just imagine it knitted up! I would choose this as my favorite. How lovely and generous for you to share your stash!


Kym- please put my name in the hat for the Bloomfield. I have a friend who’s from the up. She could use a boost in spirits right now and I think she’d enjoy a hand knit with a up connection! Thanks for your generosity.


I would be happy to take that DK weight off your hands 😉. Thanks for a fun draw

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