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Three More Of Our Adventures in Alaska

We had so many great adventures in Alaska!  
Here are three more . . . 


1 - We went kayaking!

Ketchikan was our first Alaskan port, and after spending the morning exploring Ketchikan (and eating the first of many fish-and-chips-for-lunch meals) (because fish-and-chips in Alaska is amazing), Tom and I spent the afternoon on a guided kayaking expedition around the Tatoosh Islands (just north of Ketchikan).


The setting was absolutely lovely.  I wish I could share more photos of this most beautiful place and our adventure with you, but . . . I was busy paddling.


Although the water looks pretty calm, it was . . . the sea.  There were waves (which did freak me out a bit) (because although I do a lot of kayaking on our lake, there are never any waves).  And it was a windy day.  So every now and then, we would come around an island and . . . whoa!  Waves!  But for the most part, it was pretty easy paddling.  We saw deer and lots of eagles on our paddle -- including one that landed on a tree very close to us.  

It was exhilarating to be out in the kayaks.  I'm so glad we spent our afternoon on the water.

2 - We saw bears!

Although we kept our eyes open for bear sightings throughout our trip, while we were in Sitka we visited Fortress of the Bear, a sanctuary for orphaned bears in Alaska.  And there?  We saw bears!


This is just an awesome bear sanctuary.  Very well done and well maintained -- run by animal behaviorists who are passionate about their work.  It is just a beautiful spot for these bears - who would otherwise have been euthanized.

We watched 3 black bears . . . 


(I know . . . there are only 2 in my photo.  But there were 3.)

And several groups of brown bears.


It was such a treat to see the bears doing their regular bear activities:  foraging for food, climbing trees, frolicking, swimming.  We really enjoyed our time at this beautiful sanctuary.  (We never did see any bears in the wild during our trip.)

3 - We took a walk through the rainforest!

Before our trip, I didn't fully realize that we'd be in a rainforest the whole time.  I thought about mountains and glaciers and water . . . but I just didn't get the rainforest part.  In fact, for our entire trip, we were in the Tongass National Forest - part of the Pacific temperate rainforest ecoregion.

IMG_4508 3

The contrast between the forest and the water and the mountains is just stunning.  And I especially loved all the foliage and trees.


I wish my computer had a scratch-and-sniff feature for you.  Since it doesn't, you'll just have to imagine the fresh, earthy smell of the forest for yourself.


Alaska is just an amazing place -- and I'm so glad we went on this most excellent adventure!




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Thanks for the tour Kym! What a fantastic adventure. And like you...I'd have been a bit nervous out in the sea. Flat water for me please! xo


Such fun! I hadn't thought of ran forests in Alaska. I'm not into kayaking at all (feeling trapped and all) and the waves definitely would've freaked me out, but still - beautiful shots. And the bears!! So cool. How long do you think till they come out with a computer with a scratch & sniff feature? LOL A forest scent is one of my most favorite.


I love the peacefulness of kayaking, but it's always been on a relatively calm lake. I think the sea would have scared me, too. I'm glad you saw the bears up close at a sanctuary, and rainforest! I think glaciers, mountains, and cold tundra, but forget about the rainforest. Alaska was truly amazing!


Amazing photos! I did not know about the rain forest either! I especially love the last photo with all that gorgeous moss!


You're photos are stunning!!

Jeannie Gray

The idea of paddling in the waves doesn't bother me, but the idea of going for an unintentional swim in that cold water completely freaks me out. Gorgeous photos!


Such beautiful photos -- now I really want to visit!

I'll have to look into that bear sanctuary. I'm a big fan of any effort to maintain animal populations, and those bears are darn cute!

Kim in Oregon

I don't think that bear sanctuary was in Sitka ten years ago, or I would have totally been there. We did a mama and two cubs when we were at Glacier.


Oh, so gorgeous!! So amazing!

I always want to take photos while I'm cycling but... I'm cycling! I'd say that you definitely captured the essence of your kayaking. ;)


Just plain fabulous. I am not brave enough to kayak in the sea but hooray for you and your husband.


The more I hear about this trip the more it sounds truly fantastic. I love the bear photos and I had never thought of Alaska as being part of a rain forest - I guess I always think of rain forests as tropical. I've kayaked on the ocean (that's pretty common here) but it's not easy!


I wanna go! Guess I'd better get busy and plan the trip...time's movin' on. Thanks for sharing your trip...and whetting my appetite.


That's what I love about knitting...sometimes it takes you to Alaska!


Your pictures are just amazing! Do you put together a book of some sort to remember the trip? If I ever leave the comforts of home Alaska would be the draw. The exquisitely beautiful natural landscapes just make my heart soar.

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