Sweet Days of Summer . . .
Monday Means

The Thing About Summer

As far as summers go, I've had a Really Great Summer.  Lots of fun.  Plenty of adventure.  Definitely a change from the Ordinary of Life.


But.  Change is comng.

I was re-connecting with a friend earlier this week (both of us had been out of touch all summer) and I explained it this way:  It's like a went into a tunnel marked "Summer Fun" at the end of May . . . and I'm just now seeing the end of that tunnel.  

I let go of a lot of Ordinary Life things this summer.

(A lot.)

And now, with the end of that tunnel in clear view, it's time for me to Deal With That.


There are some commitments I just sort of . . .  let slide . . . while I was in the tunnel.  And now I'm coaxing those elements back into existence.  And that ain't easy.

There are other things I . . . put aside . . . during the summer.  And I've missed them.  It's time to bring them back into my life.

And then there are the things I . . . let go of.  Temporarily, I thought.  But now that I've been in the tunnel, I don't think I need to pick them up again.

There you have it.

Even though I don't have kids going back to school anymore, or need to get back to a teaching position, or any other seasonal or official "mark" for the end of the summer . . . I'm feeling the pull of Ordinary Life calling me back to routine and commitment and connections.

That's the thing about summer -- and especially a good summer.  It brings perspective.  A pause.  A bit of a re-set.

And I needed that.
(How about you?)


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My summer took me in directions I never could have imagined and has left me pondering many things. Still puzzling how how to get back to a routine, what things get to stay, what needs to go. Perspective is important.


Sounds like that summer tunnel did you good! I always have that "back to school" feeling at this time of year - the changing light does that to me. No kiddies going back to school and no teaching job like you, but nonetheless, that feeling always comes over me.


You have had such a full summer! Isn't it fun when we discover by accident that we really don't need something we thought we did? I can't wait to see where your journey takes you!


Everything is fun and easy in the summer months. The long days give permission to go and do and play, but the encroaching night, the extra traffic, the seriousness of everyone as they change routines, it all fills the very air around you. I'd like to keep that summer feeling for awhile longer and I'm going to try. I will change when forced, methinks. LOL


The approach of fall feels like a good time to re-assess and return to routine (or establish new routines if that works better). No matter how old I get, I still remember that back-to-school feeling, complete with a new Goldenrod tablet and a plaid book bag.

kim in oregon

I had a meltdown out of nowhere yesterday and I think this post helps to explain that. Thanks again for such a thoughtful post.

Naomi Stone

I have been following your blog for quite some time and the reason is that you inspire me in so many ways. Thank you for that. It isn't that I am uninspired but it is good to see things from another perspective. I love my life but summer is drudgery sometimes with yard work and a husband who is involved in fighting wild land fires and so is gone a lot, leaving me to hold down the fort. I look forward to fall but do miss that summer feeling passing as we move through August.


Even though I work throughout the summer, so my daily schedule seems to be the same, there's definitely a different feel to the summer months. Things feel a little more relaxed and a little less stressful. If only the whole year could feel like summer!


I , too, am looking forward to the routine that fall brings.

kathy b

Good for you. Breaks refresh us. We NEED them :)


Even at my age I still feel the pull of summer as a time for relaxed rules and plenty of fun and when fall starts to come I then feel the pull of routines and organization. I'm sure part of it is that I'm surrounded by family members who work in schools and follow that schedule. That said, it's NOT time yet!


I look forward to fall. As a retired teacher, fall will always remind me of going back to school. I will miss the more relaxed pace of summer. Sounds like the tunnel through summer was good for you. It is nice to come to the understanding that we can let some things go. Very freeing.


For me, summertime is a time to be unstructured (for the most part/as much as possible), flexible, and spontaneous, so I welcome a little order in the fall. There's a different pace to life and, even without kids in school anymore I notice "back to school" time in the neighborhood and in traffic patterns during my commute. It's more orderly. ;)


I'm not a huge fan of summer so I don't look forward to it...maybe I need to plan a trip to Alaska - that would be refreshing and different and it's been on my bucket list a long time. Your trip just re-invigorated that desire...having said that, I do have a long and growing list of things to do, see, read, think about, etc that will definitely keep me busy occupied through 2019!


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