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That Last-Monday-in-August Feeling

When I got up this morning, it was dark.  Not just . . . a-bit-darker-than-yesterday dark.  But dark.  It's the last Monday in August, and I am really starting to feel the change in seasons.  

Last Monday in August.  
Time to . . . 



A Quote

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
---Dr. Seuss



A Word

Encountered this word in something I was reading over weekend . . . 

IMG_5501 2

It's kind of like "proximity."  In fact the two words are related through the Latin root prope, which means near.  In English, "propinquity" conveys a stronger sense of closeness than "proximity."  (I think both words are fun to say, but "propinquity" is Even More Fun.)



IMG_4020 2

During the summer, I tend to go way off my "normal" schedule.  My calendar looks very different from it's usual and more structured form.  And my "to-do" lists?  Ha!  Depending on the week, they are extremely vague . . . or non-existent.  

Lots of people get themselves organized at the new year, but for me . . . September IS the new year.  So I'm getting myself organized and back on track now.  Here's an interesting article (from last December) about bullet journaling and to-do lists. Worth a read if you're looking to change the way you track your calendar and organize your list(s).


A Factoid

According to Earth Day Network:

About 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually. Of those, 236,000 tons are microplastics– tiny pieces of broken-down plastic smaller than your little fingernail.


Do Something About It

Although it seems overwhelming, we can all do something to help reduce single-use plastics.  Today's tip:  Make sure you always have reusable bags with you, and use them whenever you grocery shop, visit the farmer's market, or pick something up at the drugstore.  I keep an assortment of bags and baskets in my car (and have gotten into the habit of using them -- which is the trickiest part for most people I talk to), and I keep a small, foldable tote in my purse.



And that's my start to this last Monday in August!  

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I am currently trying out the bullet journal ideas fo my work planner because I need to get some stuff done as we launch into the new year. And I won’t even stop at the store if I don’t have a bag. I bought one that folds into a tiny pocket so I am always ready. It’s something I can do.


I have been working really hard on the no plastic, bring my own bags, etc. I'm blown away by the carelessness...I had a kid at the liquor store use four bags for three bottles...noooooo! I repacked to one paper. :-)


I'm feeling energized and ready to tackle a few things, starting with reorganizing my craft room.


The darkness of the past few mornings has been so noticeable - I miss that early morning light!

And, plastics - the bane of my existence. It is a hate-hate relationship.


After several years, I'm finally remembering to use the bags that I've been carrying around in my car. My to-do lists have become almost non-existent over the summer, but there are still plenty of things to do. Time to get back on track, so thank you for that article.

kim in oregon

I love the quote. My attempts at a bullet journal didn't take. Good luck!


Love the Seuss quote and propinquity just sounds SO GOOD, doesn't it? We've been using our own bags at the grocery store for a few years now. Funny though, some of the checkers still try to *help* by bagging some things in plastic bags for us. I take the stuff out and put it in our re-usable bags. I'm still not a fan of bullet journaling - too much work for moi. But then, I also don't usually make to do lists or anything like that.


My "new year" bullet journaling lasted until March, I think! It was sort of fun the first month, then it was work. It was fun to keep track of my Duolingo progress with it, though. I guess I tend to make lists on the fly and small pieces of paper are more convenient to carry/keep track of than a book.

This spring, in Spain & the U.K., we learned that you either brought a bag with you or you paid for one (or more) at the store. I ended up buying more than a couple, but I'm really glad because one of them is my FAVORITE and is what's taking up space in my purse that might otherwise be occupied by a bullet journal. haha. It's super strong, very lightweight, with a wide flat bottom, folds flat, and has two straps -- hand straps AND shoulder straps. Oh my gosh, how I love slinging a bag of groceries over my shoulder! I've also been carrying a smaller canvas tote bag (for smaller purchases, the farmers market, etc.), and have a few others stashed in my car.


I'm happy to have been an early adopter of the bring-your-own bag trend, and I try to reduce the total number of bags I get everywhere. I still do use some of the bags as liners for the smaller trash cans in the house (not ideal, but at least I'm reusing the so-called single-use bags that way), but I'm also happy to see changes in the stores, like Trader Joe's is now using compostable produce bags!


The sun is coming up here after 7am. I found that I did miss "dark early" while I was away, but it hit hard that the days were getting shorter when I got back. Have you tried any of the reusable produce bags? I feel like we have grocery bags down, but we have a lot more room to improve! (I would love to think we could move to wax covers instead of cling wrap too, but baby steps!)


I do pretty well with taking reusable bags with me. My next plan is to reduce the number of zip-lock bags I use around the house. Ugh. I wash and reuse them when I can but I plan to get some reusable glass containers I can use to freeze things. I like the Seuss quote - good reminder. Have a good week.

kathy b

I try to recycle and reuse!!! We ask for paper bags at the store. I love the dr. Seuss quote but will be crying, no doubt, when we drop zach off for mexico this week. I've learned so much spending time with him this summer.
He clearly reads A LOT. and watches a lot of movies. We have been playing Jeopardy on Echo each night and his answers blow me away!


I can proudly say I have been using the same grocery bags for about 20 years. I bought good bags whenever I saw them (Whole Foods mostly) and people still comment on how cute the design images are. I also have a small tote in my front seat for small trips, drugstore, etc., plus my purse is large enough to handle a small purchase. The campaign has been going on for years! I don't understand why reusable bags haven't caught on more. I LOVE the word propinquity and the first definition describes perfectly how it differentiates from proximity. Thank you for highlighting this word.


September has always been the start of a new year for me as a teacher and has just continued that way into retirement. I kind of like equating the being of the cool weather with a new start. A revelation to me is that I also have that feeling in spring as the weather warms. I guess I’m more in tuned with nature than the calendar now!


I feel I must make one tiny correction to your quote (which happens to be my favorite). It's "Don't cry BECAUSE it's over, smile because it happened".
I enjoy reading your blog very much!

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