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A Quote

"There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."
--- J.R.R. Tolkien

I found this little tree "volunteering" in a piling along the beach near Hoonah, Alaska.


A Word

We all know this word.  But did you ever look it up in a dictionary?


Do you have a favorite meme?


To Read

IMG_4020 2

I've never really been a horoscope kind of gal (my "sign" - Aries - doesn't really seem to suit me all that much), but I think it's kind of fun that LitHub has a "book club" featuring a new reading suggestion each month based on your astrological sign.  Click here to find out your suggestion for July.  Or to just find some interesting book selections, no matter your sign.


A Question


Speaking of astrological signs . . . what's yours?  Do you think your sign "lines up" with your personality at all?  And do you read (or even follow) your horoscope?


Here's to a good week for all of us!  Enjoy these waning weeks of summer.


PS - Typepad is doing That Thing again . . . where I'm not receiving email notification of your comments.  Which makes it super hard for me to respond.  Please know that I read and appreciate every one of your comments.  (And, probably in a day or two, ALL the comment email notifications will flood my inbox.) (Because that's how Typepad rolls.)



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I am a Capricorn - and honestly, have never paid one bit of attention to that fact. Haha! I have friends who live and breathe their daily horoscopes though - it is a curious way to live! (That being said... I am off to find Say, Say, Say - which is the recommended book!) Ha!


Love the quote and the little tree! I'm a Gemini, but just can't find much truth in astrology. But ... the book recommended for Geminis, Marilou is Everywhere, sounds oddly interesting. I may be making a trip to the library later today!


Oh I love that little tree. So sweet.

I am a Virgo and to a degree the traits seem like me (detail oriented, perfectionist), but I do not follow my horoscope (though I did read it daily in high school). I will definitely NOT be reading the book suggested for Virgos - lol.

Can't think of a Meme at the moment.


I'm a Virgo and I do not follow my horoscope. In reading the description of Virgos, some characteristics would fit my personality, but I wonder if we can't find characteristics of ourselves in all of the signs?


I am a Virgo and OH YEAH does it fit. I don't read the daily horoscope because it's not usually very accurate for a lot of reasons but mostly because it's just too generalized. I will say that rising signs and sun signs and moon signs are often overlooked but I just as important as the sun sign when it comes to personality and other traits.


I'm a Pisces, and I'd say it's accurate in that I tend toward sensitivity and creativity, but I really only read horoscopes for the fun of it -- I'm not a big believer in astrology in general. I will have to check out the book recommendations, though!


I'm also a Pisces and think it's pretty accurate, but I had my chart done a few years ago and I've a strong Cancer moon. I find it's a good compliment (and sometimes more accurate), BUT I don't read my horoscope (maybe every 10 years).


I’m a Cancer and many of the characteristics fit me though not all. I’m happiest near the water especially the ocean where the phase of the moon can influence the tides. At one point a long time ago I read my horoscope daily just for laughs but haven’t in ages.


Ah, there's a new Laura Lippman - I don't need to know my horoscope to know I want to request it at the library. I'm a Capricorn, but don't pay any particular attention to that.


SCORPIO! And yes, I think it's pretty accurate!


I’m SCORPIO too...and it’s probably as accurate as any other sign - I never stopped to think that it might not be! Duh!

Thanks for all the invites to get to know myself a bit better.

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