38 Years Later
Going With the Flow

Measuring Summer

There are so many ways to measure summer . . . 


Number of days.  Hours of daylight.  Temperature.  How many inches your kids grew.   Days until vacation.  Days of vacation.  Miles walked.  Or biked.  Books read.  Stops at the ice cream place.

So many ways.

I like to measure it in the garden.

In early June, I bought two gigantic pots for my front porch at Costco. Huge pots.  Great price.  (I'm thrilled with these pots!)  And I filled them with annuals.


Nice.  But underwhelming.

I knew, though, that those little plants would grow.

Yesterday, at the end of summer?


That's what I call a full summer!

IMG_3089 2

How do you measure summer?


Enjoy the weekend.  I'll see you back in this space on Tuesday next week.


As for the stash giveaway?  The Bloomfield yarn will be making its way to Roslyn, and the Hacho will be off to Juliann.  Thanks to all of you who expressed interest in the yarn.  There will be another giveaway in September!


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Beautiful pots, Kym! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!


Love those pots! Funny - our coleus did absolutely nothing all summer. Now they are starting to grow and look healthy! Go figure. Lots of leaves on the ground, fall crops planted, tomato plants dying. The urge for Fall camping is coming on strong now.


Just lovely! I tend to overplant when I first do pots, but it looks like you planted pots perfectly!


Our coleus overtook the flowers! I cut them back so many times. I measure summer by bugs...black flies in May, ticks in June, mosquitos in July...August brings the flies and the bees and the crickets and then...boom they're all gone! :-) Have a wonderful weekend Kym!


Summer indeed overflows! I plan on savoring every moment of warmth of these weekend days! Have a great weekend!

kim in oregon

I could measure it by my hanging basket--it was gorgeous 2.5 months ago, now i"m wondering if it will make it two more weeks!

You are a lovely writer, fyi.


What a happy sight to see at the end of summer!

I have to admit that on reading your post, I immediately got an earworm in the form of "Seasons of Love" from Rent.


I love the way flower pot on many doorsteps have filled in this time of year. Yours is thrillingly a live and full! We are in the throes of summer. It will be 102!!! on Sunday!


Will you come to my house? Lol. Have a delightful holiday weekend!


Love those gorgeous showpieces! A gardener neighbor once old me that coleus is ideal for year around front doorway pots since they are colorful and welcoming but don't need to be changed with the seasons. But I think they must love autumn best. For me, summer is all about those ice cream stores and licking on those cones while sitting on their doorstep.


Those pots filled out beautifully! Enjoy your holiday weekend.


Those are beautiful pots! But I feel I must point out . . . summer is NOT officially over just yet. XOXO


Beautiful pots. How do I measure summer? The number of flowers in the neighborhood, the pints of tomatoes and cucumbers preserved for winter, the number of basil plants - 4! - that didn't grow but the parsley and oregano that did, the number of poems written . . . and still counting. I plan to wring as much joy as I can out of the next few weeks.


Those pots are the kind that keep on giving... great place for annuals. What's up next?

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