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Hello, August!

It's a Bonus Day

When you visit the jury duty reporting website and find this message . . . 


it means Bonus Day!

I woke up this morning filled with gratitude.  I have a day in front of me that has been blocked out in my calendar for 6 weeks.  And now that day is . . .
Completely MINE.



What am I going to do with this wide-open, fresh-and-clear day?

  1. I'm heading to the gym for an early class that I thought I'd have to miss.
  2. I'm running a couple of errands.  (Hello new print cartridges!)
  3. I'm catching up on a big chunk of paperwork for a volunteer commitment.

And I'll probably putter around in the garden, too.  
Because where else would I want to be on a Bonus Day!


What are YOU doing today?



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Woohooo! That is wonderful news! My day today is all about getting some sweet corn cut off the cob and frozen so that we can have the "taste of summer" in the middle of the winter!


So nice to have a bonus day - enjoy! Your plans sound perfect - especially the gardening after the gym and errands.


Congratulations on your Bonus Day! I'm catching up on loads of laundry and then maybe taking a walk to Central Tavern to celebrate. Laundry completion should always be celebrated with a vodka and tonic with lots of lime!
P.S. Your alliums are stunning!


In my world I would say oh darn, potential knitting opportunity gone! Now I have to go sort out all my paper junkpiles. But for YOUR world, Kym, I say YAY!


There's nothing like a bonus day to make you want to celebrate! Make sure you allow for some fun stuff along with the necessary stuff.


Finding out you have a day free that you thought was a lost day is the best! Enjoy your day off -- I'm jealous because I'm stuck at work!


Enjoy all of your day today Kym! Wish I was riding around / puttering beside you! I am going to lunch though which is a definite bonus on a work day!

kim in oregon

Congratulations on your free day! I was so happy for you when I saw that on Insta!


Congrats on your day of freedom!

I'm watching Asplundh take down our ash tree. The electric company has deemed it a "hazard".


Enjoy your free day!

Jeanie Gray

Sounds like a great bonus day. My day will be spent at work. About the only way I get a bonus day is if we get a direct hit from a hurricane.


I'm always surprised when someone actually has to follow through with jury duty. More often than not your services are not needed. Hurray for you and your day to do as you wish!


Oh man, and if your day is as gorgeous there as it is here... SUPER SUNSHINE BONUS!! ;)


I’m sure you enjoyed your bonus day!

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