It's a Bonus Day
Monday Means . . .

Hello, August!

August . . . when my garden starts to look tired, the back-to-school madness begins all around me, and I start feeling the pressure to MakeTheMostOfSummerAndDoItNow!!!  

Here's my August "bucket list" . . .


Some summer fun.  Some preparing for fall.  And a nagging task or two.

What's on your list for August?


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Clean up my diet so that I can feel better. That is the ONLY thing on my list.


Lake Michigan!! Mi Fiber Festival!! I am so envious! (note I did not say anything about painting... just sayin! lol)


You're going to have a busy month, but nothing looks too out of the ordinary or difficult. In fact, they look like perfect August activities.


That looks like a damn nice list to me. A little bit of everything and quite a bit of fun thrown in there too. Here's (and Cheers) to a Great August!

I'm not a list maker, but I am looking forward to the NJ Sheep & Wool Festival (early September) with Dee and Bonny!!


All in all, that looks like a pretty fun list! I don't really have a to-do list for the month other than to get through it -- we've got the end of camp, childcare to arrange for the gap between camp and school, and then the start of the school year. And we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the family (my sister-in-law is now four days overdue), so there will be some baby stuff in there, too.


*Hopefully finish processing all the garden produce. It's a real bounty out there, but I'm tired of picking 5-gallon buckets of tomatoes, and roasting and freezing them. My freezer is almost full!
*Finish reading Middlemarch and Snowball in a Blizzard
*Knit something besides a Hitchhiker - maybe socks?
*Look forward to fall, but enjoy the here and now!


*Keep my shit together.


Vicki!!!! :-) I have vacation on my list and that's about it! We'll have to refresh the planters too after that.


My only goal is to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying my garden, wildlife, the blue sky, & the world around me.

kim in oregon

Make a list.


Your list served as a great reminder as to what to put on my wishlist! Definitely order bulbs! And yes my containers will need some help. We are in Maine for two weeks and no one comes to fertilize and water. We just hope Mother Nature is kind with a bit of rain fall. Would it be too early for mums on August 23rd?


That's a pretty good list. I'd like to hear more about how you will refresh your containers.


Learning to knit Fair Isle hats and yarn holding methods.

Carolyn S Thomas

oh my gosh that's an inspiring August list!!!! And your gorgeously artistic print could make a grocery list frameable. Happy Bucket Listing!


What a great list. I will be keeping up with garden produce and hope to get - at long last - to some garment sewing. Also extending a warm welcome to a new little great niece. Her grandmother (my sister) and I are on baby watch. Oh and a few more lemon soft serve ice cream cones at this little hole in the wall shop not too far out of town!


Here it is the 6th day of August and I’m behind on my list...still checking off July! Guess I’d better get a move on!


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