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Last March, as I was contemplating intention and my plan to "live my best life," I had a eureka-moment (you can read about that here), which led me down a wellness path.  I set Tuesdays aside for wellness-related posts here on the blog -- so I can share what I'm learning with you.   After a rather inconsistent summer, I'll be getting back to more posts on wellness - and fitness - next week.  (Watch this space!)

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Another lily opening in my garden pond -- and absolutely nothing to do with today's post. Or maybe it does. You decide!

In the meantime, here's something for you . . . 
Related to wellness.  
And aging.  
And body image.  
And the wearing of swimsuits in public.  
And eating.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across this Most Excellent Essay written by author Laura Lippman . . . about turning 60.  And accepting our (gorgeous) bodies and eating what(ever the hell) we want and (finally) accepting ourselves.  It's a bit of a long read (it will take about 15 minutes), but it's empowering and eye-opening -- and well worth the investment of your time.  (And it's written by Laura Lippman, so you can trust it to be highly readable and compelling!)

Go on.  Read it!
And let me know what you think once you do.



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I saw that essay too - it's awesome. I think I had more of an *issue* with body image/size/being seen in public/etc. when I was younger. With age has come wisdom and contentment with myself (body and soul). Thank God!


I'll let you know...saving it for my wine drinking, pretzel eating, porch sitting after work extravaganza! xo


That's a fantastic piece and sort of what I'm trying to work around myself these days. Thanks for sharing the link.


This is a wonderful piece! It's interesting for me to read because I've actually been trying to do what Laura suggests - eat what I really want - for the past several months. I don't do it every meal or even every day, but when I do, it's always a surprise to see what it was that I wanted. Sometimes it's grilled cheese, sometimes yogurt, tonight it just might be ice cream. Thanks for sharing the article, for permission from Laura, and possibly a path to eventually saying "I’m beautiful and I like my body."


Add it to my "to read" list! I may not be at the same stage of life, but it's always good to be empowered to love one's body.

By the way, the book arrived this week and was such a nice surprise! Thank you again! I think it'll be a good source of patterns to work through with my daughter as she gains more skill.


Loved.every.word. It is sad how much our self-image is attached to what others say and think. Even though I *know* that healthy and fit are better choices than thin and miserable - it is an easy to fall into the trap.


I read that last week, and thought it was excellent. I have to admit that I have seldom had really serious body issues, but it's always nice to read something that makes you feel better about the world in general.


"I have decided I like the way I look and I’m the expert." Best line ever!


Oh my, that IS a most excellent essay!! Thank you for sharing that. I'm not sure I'll ever be comfortable in a 2-piece bathing suit (I never ever was), but "only I can judge me." On the other hand, at age 60 myself, I have no problem at all (and never did) baring my arms to the world or wearing my graying hair longer than most women my age (longer than it's ever been in my life).

Only I can judge me. <<< NEW MANTRA

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