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Three More Of Our Adventures in Alaska


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Back in early June (which seems so very long ago now, doesn't it?), I agreed to test knit a new sweater design for Kirsten Kapur.  It was a design I knew I'd want to knit anyway -- really, a sweater that is perfect for my style.  Kirsten's timeline seemed quite doable for me, too, with an August 1 deadline.  I figured it would be nice to have a new sweater ready by the time fall came around.  And, besides . . .  I could knit on it while I was in Alaska!

I got my yarn, and I started knitting.


It's a great pattern to knit!  Very rhythmic.  Just enough texture to keep it interesting.  Lightweight.  Easy to knit in the summer.  And WAY faster going than I had expected.

As I was knitting, I was also thinking ahead (anticipating. . .) our upcoming trip to Alaska.  I thought a lot about what we'd be doing on the trip and what I should pack and what I might need.

And I thought . . . wouldn't it be nice to have a warm-but-light sweater in my bag?  A sweater . . . kind of like, well, this one?

we can never know about the days to come
but we think about them anyway

I decided to knit a little faster.


And guess what?


It was a PERFECT layer for my trip to Alaska!
(I wore it several times during the trip; here, I'm wearing it on a cool, rainy morning in Wrangell.)

And . . . if you're interested in knitting one for yourself, you only have to live with the . . . anticipation . . . for a week or so!  Kirsten will be releasing the pattern (called Snug Harbor) on August 15.   You can see the details of my knitting here on Ravelry.  (For now, it's not associated with the final release of the pattern, so this link may not work after August 15.  I'll try to remember to update it if necessary.)

How about you?  What are you knitting (or making)?


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Beautiful! That looks like a fabulous sweater and looks fabulous on you Kym! Love the color of yarn you chose (and its name!!).


Now that is a great sweater! I love the yarn, the color, the pattern, and that you knit it for Alaska and wore it. Your decision to knit with intention this year is working out brilliantly!


That sweater looks great!! I love the color you chose, too.


Love it! What a great piece to have on the trip too. Just simply beautiful.


It looks fabulous! Glad you were able to finish it in time to make good use of it on the trip!

kim in oregon

It looks fun and I do love the name.


The photo of the texture is fabulous! The picture of the Alaska waterway is great. You look terrific. But, on my iPad the sweater looked like a dark blur.


I love that sweater. What a beautiful photo of you modeling it. Keep us posted on the pattern. I've long wanted to knit a lightweight sweater for warm weather. Maybe this is the one. I like the idea of texture to keep the knitting interesting.


That's fantastic! It looks very grey in the photo but more brown when you're wearing it. Which would you say is more true? Either way it's a great style for you and you'll always think of Alaska when you wear it!


Love the texture (looks like dotted swiss) and the color, but also how it's that perfect sweater to just toss on when it gets a little chilly and you need a warmer layer-a perfect favorite sweatshirt sort of sweater. Nicely done, Kym!


I love it! Such a great pattern & color and how nice that you got to wear it in Alaska! Hope you'll enjoy wearing it this fall!


That is a fabulous sweater and it looks beautiful on you.

So tell me ....................was it easy? I was thinking of doing Flax Light, but I like Snug Harbor a lot!


Darling! Absolutely darling! And, it does look perfect on your trip! I am now living in anticipation for this awesome sweater! I love the bits of texture and the simplicity of the design! Timeless!


That looks great on you.


That is a great sweater and so neat that you got to wear it on the trip!

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