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It's Monday.  Time to . . . 


On Mondays, I share some things I've collected over the weekend . . . to get the week off to a good start.


A Quote

"Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance and a lack of harmony and proportion is more readily seen."     --- Leonardo da Vinci



A Word

There are certain words that we use in my household . . . because Chemistry.  Turns out that chemists describe things with very specific words that (I've discovered) sound odd outside the lab, when used by non-chemists in . . . oh, say . . . a social gathering.  Here's one:


It's not that it's such an unusual word.  You've probably come across it in your reading now and again - and understood exactly what it meant without needing to look it up in the dictionary.  It's just that you don't . . . hear it used in normal, everyday conversation all that often.  (Unless you're married to a chemist. . . )


To Read


Last week, the Washington Post put together a list of the best books to read at every age (from 1 - 100).  Their premise is that certain books resonate best at certain ages.  Check out their list and see what you think!


A Challenge

Try to use the word "turbid" in a sentence.  
Out loud.  
In public.


Hope your week is off to a great start!




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That quote and your week... perfect! I saw that list and immediately added A Plague of Doves to my read list! (and soon... I am eeking closer and closer to Dynamic Aging! LOL)

Have a great week - and I am hoping the weather does not provide any turbid mornings!


My mind is a tad on the turbid side this morning.

LOVE the quote from DaVinci - good advice.


John and I just had a conversation this past weekend in which we used turbid; we determined the river was too turbid for good fishing. But interestingly to me, I had only thought about turbid in a physical sense, but not an emotional one. I'm meeting a friend for lunch and we'll see if I can meet the challenge!

I love Leo's words of wisdom. :-)


Turbid ------------use in a sentence.

I made some TURBID iced tea this weekend. (Gee, doesn't sound so appetizing. tasted just fine. Not to be confused with TURGID. That's a whole 'nother thing.

Loved the list. There were some I have read. There are some I'd like to read. I'm bookmarked it for further perusing when I need something new to read.


My mind is too turbid to respond to your interesting post with any clarity. I think I’ll go look at the list.


What a great quote... especially timely, appropriate, and shared with one of my children.

That list!! I love that list!

Barb B in BC

Our little town has a boil water advisory at the moment due to turbidity so we have been using that word in conversation a lot lately :)


I knew I always liked Leonardo! Now I can say that one of the greatest minds in history recommended taking vacations.

I saw the book list and was surprised by how many I had already read (and not just the little kid books)! It would be nice to make it through all 100.


I will do my best to use the word turbid at my selectmen's meeting tonight! Thanks for the book list, I'm going to check that out carefully.

kim in oregon

I have honestly used the word turbid before, out loud, I think in reference to the ocean churning?


Happy July! and welcome back to reality (for at least one of us ;-)

Caffeine Girl

My memories of the past school year are turbid.

Thanks for sharing the list of books and ages. I thought I lot of them are very good. However, I have no interest in the suggestions for 59 & 60. That's fine. I have a long list of books I want to read as it is!

kathy b

Does turbidity work? Is it an adverb? The rivers turbidity made for impossible spear fishing.......
oh m good ness This means the Tour De France is starting? So soon SO soon. My husband needs a diversion


Funny how ‘turbidity’ is MUCH easier to use than ‘turbid.’ And how hilariois to even be *thinking* about it! Enjoying getting caught up on your posts while I wait at my airport gate. Your cottage post transported me....thank you!


Our skies in January (and sometimes July) can certainly be described as turbid. Not sure anyone should ever read 50 Shades. Hopefully, older people will have read the recommended books long before the recommended age. I think they should be rereads.


All I have to say is this is a great post! And I loved the book list! (And I agree with Margene about the 50!)

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