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It's an exciting week around here, folks.  I'm headed up north for a couple of days (and I'm bringing my Dad along this time).  My daughter-in-law heads to Lansing to sit for the Michigan bar.  And on Thursday . . . I have jury duty.  

Looks like a great time to . . . 



A Quote

"The oldest, shortest words - yes and no - are those that require the most thought."
--- Pythagoras

IMG_4714 2
From a walk around Icy Strait Point at Hoonah, Alaska.

Now I have no idea if the words yes and no are actually the "oldest words" - although they certainly would number among the shortest - but this quote resonated for me.  How about you?


A Word

IMG_4958 2

When I was a little girl, my mom used to use the word "addlepated" (usually directed at something silly either my sister or I had done or said), and I always loved saying it out loud.  I'd never seen it in print, though.  Or heard it used elsewhere.  But when it popped up as a word-of-the-day from Merriam Webster, it caught my eye!

I especially liked the background information about this word (provided by Merriam Webster):



To Read


Looking for that next summer read?  The New York times put out an interesting list last week:  50 States of True Crime.  Because apparently every state has an infamous crime . . . and a book about it!  Check out the list and find your state's "crime," and maybe add the book to your summer reading list.

I'm not really a fan of true crime myself, but I read somewhere this weekend that women (in general) tend to be fans.  (Of course I cannot find the source of that anywhere this morning as I put togther this post, so cannot share.  Sorry.)  How about you?  Do you like to read true crime novels?


A Challenge

We've reached the point in the summer where . . . it starts to go really fast!  I know some of you are happy about this, while others of you are more melancholy.  My challenge to you?  Make a list of the things you want to do before the end of August -- and figure out how to make them happen.

What's on your list?


Here's to a great week for all of us.



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Summer is slipping away but still time for playing in the garden and reading on the deck. I am thinking about how to hold on to the summer vibe when we go back to school.


Good luck to Lauren this week! And have fun up north with your dad. I figured Massachusetts would have the Lizzie Borden trial as "the one" but instead it's the Boston Marathon bombers. I'm not sure I can stomach that just yet, though. Happy Monday!


All the good juju sent to Lauren this week! I can't wait to use addlepated in a sentence! We have big word Sunday so I am all set! Before the end of August I want to...get friends together for a redneck yacht club event in our kayaks. (On a lake, a few snacks, a beverage or two and the summer sun on our faces.) xo


Sending good bar passing juju to Lauren and good jury duty juju your way! Bambi was "twitterpated"(quite a silly word on its own) in the movie, but I also can't think of any print examples of addlepated. I'll be on the lookout. Love the quote!

kim in oregon

Yes, best wishes for the BAR exam and best wishes to you for the outcome you wish for jury duty. I personally get very claustrophobic at just the thought of it but I have shown up three times and have never been called.


I hope it's nice up north -- and you don't have to spend TOO much time on storm clean-up!
Best wishes to Lauren!


All the best wishes to Lauren. Have a wonderful time up north with your Dad. Addlepated is such a great word and I had never heard of it before. It could easily be used to describe some of my co-workers...hmmm....


I'm generally not a fan of true crime (I find it a little too real, too scary), but I'm curious to know what my state's most infamous crime is -- and I don't subscribe to the NYT, and of course it's behind a paywall! I am a relatively recent fan of the murder mystery novel, but I think I can enjoy those without fear because I know they're made up!

Enjoy your time up north, good luck to your daughter-in-law, and here's hoping you're dismissed from jury duty early!


True crime? I am not a huge fan - but a good mystery? Oh yes! Absolutely!

And, what's on my list? Forcing Steve outdoors for more happy hours before the end of August... lol


Now that I am approaching my mid-70s "addlepated" really resonates with me. Hope your jury duty is a short one. I liked my experience. But it was only two days, not months. Good luck to Lauren on her bar exam. I read a book about the Boston Strangler shortly after college while doing a stop-gap stint for Kelly Girls while real-job hunting. I was all alone for a week in an unmanned law office on the top floor of a creaky old tall office building. Put there just to answer phone calls. What was I thinking? (Maybe I was addlepated.)


Hopefully your stint in jury duty will be canceled (you know, settled cases and all that). And great good luck to Lauren! No way am I reading about Gary Gilmore. I already know enough. Addlepated is a word you don't see (or hear) often. It fits me to a T lately! LOL


I can't believe it's August tomorrow! Good luck to Lauren and you with your encounters with the Michigan legal system :-)

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