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Caught Between Worlds

I've returned from my time up north . . . and find myself caught between two worlds.  
Or something.


Today I seem to be zigging . . . when I should be zagging.  

I went to a haircut appointment.  
Right day.  
Wrong time.  
(Luckily, I was early and just returned at the right time later.)

I went into the grocery store after the haircut, but couldn't find my glasses.  
Because they were on my head.  
Along with a pair of sunglasses.  
(Uh huh.)

I thought I wrote a blog post for today.
And published it.
But . . . I didn't.
(I don't think I even had a topic, actually.)

There you have it:  I think I'm not quite "here" yet . . . but I'm certainly not still "there" either.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow.  
If all goes well (and it might not) (because caught between worlds), there will be a new Asking Questions interview here! 

(And if not, well.  I'll think of something.)





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oh boy. I feel ya! ...of course I would've just skipped the blog post after all that, so thank you for powering through ;-)

kim in oregon

I feel that same inbetween thing--I'm just not sure where I should be.


Some days are like that.


New Moon. Solar Eclipse. Communication and emotions are rough this week!


Oh yeah! I hear you.


Clearly you are just very relaxed from your time up north! I'm glad you were early rather than late for your haircut, at least!


Oh boy. not!


Are you sure you wouldn't have rather stayed up north? You might need more time there!


So funny. :-) My milkweeds are blooming too...I love them!


Oh man. Some days!! ;)


ArE you my soul sister? Just sayin...and just a little crazy.


My sister called me yesterday just as I was getting ready to go out to a meeting. I had a few minutes to chat but was distracted because I couldn't find my phone, she said it sounded as though I was racing about and I told her "I can't find my phone" and she said "Debbie!". Yup, did I feel like a fool!


I had a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses on the top of my head yesterday. I think it was the first time I'd done it but I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to do so!

Have a Happy 4th!!


Hope today you're feeling more in the swing of being at home and the day is relaxing as well as festive!


Zigging and zagging - it must be the week. I hope you are settling in although you will miss being up north.

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