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Usually, I am a workout-aholic.  I go to the gym pretty much every day (I'll share my own fitness story someday), and I work out hard while I'm there.  I take my fitness pretty seriously.

I really, really need those endorphins to flow or I don't feel quite . . . complete.

While I was on my trip to Alaska . . . which happened to be on a small luxury cruise ship . . . I tried to keep as active as I possibly could.  Tom and I walked a lot each day.  We worked out on the ship whenever possible.  We went on a couple of higher-intensity treks (hiking on a glacier, for example, or kayaking around islands).  


I did more of this . . . 


than usual.  (Let's just say . . . we used our premium drinks package more than we used the gym . . . )

I arrived back home craving a diet cleanse, a massage, and a good, hard workout!

So.  I'm back at it.  And feeling better already.

But it got me thinking -- how do YOU get yourself back on track after a break?  As in . . . after a vacation or an injury or being sick or, well, maybe a heat wave?  

What works for you?
(Share your stories in the comments, and I'll follow up with a summary next week.)



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I have no idea! I'm my mother's just get up and go. (And do not complain about it!) :-) Welcome home my friend! xo


I've been off track for about 4 years now so I have no idea, clearly!


I'm walking to the library and liquor store this afternoon. If there is a good enough reward in it (hopefully some delicious craft beer), I can get back to exercise after a heat wave!

kim in oregon

I forgive myself and just figure it out.


I may be able to get my cruise adverse husband on a small luxury ship. Could you disclose which cruise company you chose?


It's something I struggle with, but usually getting back on a regular schedule helps. Or at least that's always the goal -- sometimes it's easier than others!


Hmmm, I don't change my diet but rather just cut back. I didn't work out much during our heat wave (no central air), but I'm back at it as of last night. But, if I miss a day/night, that's ok with me. Definitely feel better when I do exercise, but am relaxed enough about it that it does not have to be each and every day. I definitely would have used the premium drink package more than the gym - lol.


This is clearly a challenge and my "plans" for July did not include an ankle injury that has sidelined walking and Pilates for the 12th day now.

However, rather than beating myself up over this, I am being gentle with myself. Allowing myself time to heal so I do not make the injury worse.

I am eager to get back at it though - you are so right, it has become a habit I miss if I don't do it - and that too is a very good thing!


Lots of extra water and right back to the gym.


oh my - what a RICH comment feed! When I'm away, I try to keep the exercise parts of my routine ... walking, stairs, maybe a yoga class (on a cruise!), and even flights of stairs in random hotels. I give myself grace on the food and drink while I'm away and in the first few days when I get home. I find that keeping up the exercise helps me cope with all the ups and downs of travel ... and makes the transition back to my regular routines a little easier.

kathy b

As soon as I get home I get on the scale. That's enough to motivate me. My mom was wise and years ago told me if you get on the scale twice a week you'll keep yourself in check. So I am still following weight watchers mostly. Glad you had a great trip


Clean out the fridge, go to the grocery store for healthy options, and make sure to drink lots of water. But most of all, try to be kind to myself - we all need to embrace the joy when we find it.


I actually tend to be much more active when I'm on vacation! Is that weird? We walk everywhere (because usually you can and it's much more interesting).


I stopped going to the gym during the recent heat wave and started back today. One day last week I told my sister that I felt guilty about being so lazy during the heatwave because of not going to the gym and that all I did was walk the dog early in the morning. She set me straight and reminded me that the 45 minute walk we took did count as exercise. I was back at the gym this morning.


Being a couch potato is boring (and hard). Even when I was only able to walk with crutches I paced up and down my living room. I hurt whether I was sitting, standing or laying down so I did some of each. I had 4000 steps a day on most days. As soon as I was able to walk without crutches I went back to my water fitness routine. It felt so good to be moving and working my body in the comfort of the water. The water is a great place to workout during a heatwave, too!

Honore Francois

I make every effort to get walking/steps in everyday and pretty much stay on track with my eating... but I’ve not been on a cruise ship in a long while, so don’t really know! Guess I should take a cruise and find out...

Good luck getting back on track!


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