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You might say . . . I brought a friend along with me on my trip to Alaska.


Just before we left on our trip, I cast on for this shawl . . . using Vicki's lovely Make.Do. yarn (the colorway is Not So Deep).  So it's kind of like Vicki came along for the ride!

I didn't knit much during our cruise -- just every once in a while when we were between ports -- but this is a quick, easy, FUN knit.  And perfect for variegated yarns that you want to show off (like this one!).

Here's where I am with it now . . . 


Nearly finished.  (I'm on the final section of "triangles.") (Not really diggin' the garter stitch border in the design, so still need to figure something out there.)


It really is a perfect design for showing off a lovely skein of yarn!  And I imagine it might appeal to those knitters who've been captivated by the Hitchhiker.  Because same kind of soothing-but-with-interest knitting.  (And, like the Hitchhiker, when you run out of yarn, well . . . you're done!)

It was really nice to have Vicki's yarn . . . along for the ride!


How about YOU?  What are you making today?



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Those colors are great and that seems like perfect travel knitting.


how fun! I've got a skein of Vicki's yarn arriving this weekend to accompany my upcoming trip to England ... I know she'll be glad to tag along with me, too!


The colorway I bought was Into the Deep. Now I see what it might look like (only deeper color)! How fun to have a little of Vicki along for the ride!

Honore Francois

Lovely...and a nice memento of your trip!


mary mcmahon

Kym, what about a border of tiny triangles just like the ones in the shawl? Mary in Cincinnati


Started my second Bain scarf by Lucy Hague ( ). First one is for my sister's 60th birthday next month. Loved it so much I started one for myself! Hers is Kelly Green, mine will be a purple-ish blue.Quite a bit of car travel time coming up in the next few weeks.


Ooo! I'd like to take Vicki along - that skein of yarn is lovely! Nice work on the knitting! :)


How nice that Vicki could travel with you to Alaska, and it looks like she's going to the UK also (alas vicariously)! I will have to take her along the next time I travel! (And you're right, that pattern looks almost as captivating as Hitchhiker!)


That yarn is a beautiful color!


What a lovely pattern. Makes me think of kites for some reason. And the colors of that yarn are just perfect.


I had not seen this pattern before, so thanks for sharing it! I've got a pair of socks on the needles and just cast on my Rhinebeck sweater!

Bridget Clancy

Oh it looks great! Those are some nice colors, too.


Really pretty Kym. I just printed the pattern. Thinking of making my co-traveler a little scarf for our trip. Thanks!


I still have my Junegrass on the needles. Decided to make the body longer before the split so lots of round and round.


I LOVE THIS!! Thank you, Kym!
Y'all can take me anywhere... I love to travel!


So pretty - both the yarn and the pattern. My yarn from Vicki is sort of an orangey color - like winter squash or pumpkin...thinking a pair of Fall socks, so now Vicki can come with me when I go camping in the early Fall! We may need to keep track of all the places Vicki is going to!


Such a pretty little shawl/scarf. I have not looked at that pattern so now I will. I imagine you had a fabulous trip - I mean Alaska - how could you not?

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