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I've already talked about this . . . my bathroom renovation project . . . that included removing old (and really stuck-on, I might add) wallpaper.  Well.  The project took awhile!  I got a good start, and then there was spring - and the garden needed a lot of attention.  And then we went on a trip to Wyoming and Colorado.  And then Tom started heading up north every week for some fishing.  (You know.  Life.)  And the project just . . . crawled along.

But that was kinda okay.

Because while I knew what I didn't want the bathroom to look like (Busy), I really had no idea what I DID want it to look like!  So we just kept plugging along.  Removing the wallpaper.  Preparing the walls.  Painting the ceiling.  Telling each other that it would "look great when it was finished."

And then inspiration struck . . . in the form of an inexpensive (bonus!) shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Once I had that shower curtain, everything fell into place!  I had my color palette.  I could choose a paint color.  A rug.  Towels.

It all came together last weekend, when Tom installed the hardware (new towel bars, etc.).  
And I am so pleased!


(Dog shown for scale.)

I love the shower curtain, but my favorite thing is the orange rug. . . 


(I never can resist a pop of color.)

I'm happy.  Tom's happy.  (JoJo's happy.)  
And my timing couldn't be better. . .  because I have a guest arriving today!
(Any guesses?)


What did the bathroom look like before, you ask?  Ah. . . here's a "before" shot . . . 

IMG_1818 2




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Love it, Kym!!! My MIL calls your shower-curtain-aha! an 'inspiration piece''d have inspired me, too! (I think the rug would've done the same, had you shown that pic first.') Don't you love the energy that a redone room gives? Enjoy--the room AND your guest!


WOW, Kym! What an awesome makeover!! The colors and the pattern really make me smile ... sadly, I'm not the one who will be trying it out this weekend ;-)


LOL over the *before* picture. The *after* is FABULOUS!! Love the shower curtain and the rug. Great job and it must feel so good to have it completed.

Like Mary, I won't be trying out the new space this weekend either.


It looks wonderful and I can't wait to use it! I know who is coming to visit so I won't spoil the surprise here!


Sadly, my toes won't be trying out that lovely orange rug this weekend! But, I LOVE your inspiration - that shower curtain is indeed divine! (and that wallpaper... hoo boy!)


It's perfect (and SUCH a big improvement)! I'm guessing maybe Erin is the guest? It seems like you haven't seen her in far too long. I hope you and whoever-your-guest-is have a wonderful time together!


It looks terrific! But I want to know if you hurt your knees when you go to the loo lol!


What a wonderful transformation!


Congratulations on completing the bath renovation! It looks wonderful. The shower curtain is GREAT! And, as was the case with the dining room wall paper, I believe I’ve lived in a house with the same paper. Very big in the ‘90’s, I guess! Your remodel looks great. Congrats.


Wow, that's such a dramatic (and much improved) change! I do love the pops of color. They're just enough to brighten up the room without making it too busy.


I love the shower curtain! Your bathroom is definitely guest worthy. I’m sure Erin? will love it. I applaud all the wallpaper removal you have done!


It's so much more classic (ala classy) without the wallpaper and that pop of color is just ingenious!

Honore´ Francois

Is Tom available for hire? Your bathroom is lovely and you two make a dynamic sooo many ways. Enjoy the new look and your weekend!



LOVE the orange pop! And the shower curtain! No guesses but I hope you have a great time!


That is an amazing redo. I love the colors and the orange rug. Have fun with your guest.


I think it looks great, but I am mostly impressed with how BIG it is (says the person who lives in a city rowhouse)! You have definitely improved the whole look though - and if the dog approves, you know you got it right. :-)


OH MY GOD. Night & day!! (Your "night" looks a lot like my laundry room.) I love it, Kym!! That shower curtain is PERFECT! Yay orange.


Great update! And the orange rug IS fabulous!

Caffeine Girl

I love that you started with the shower curtain. That makes perfect sense to me! There are so many great choices.


How did I miss this? Fabulous shower curtain, but I really love the towel bar. And am most struck by the wonderful size of your bathroom. Until we moved, we lived with minuscule bathrooms for decades. You don't know how lucky you are to be able to turn around without hitting something porcelain. Congrats to you and Tom on your teamwork!

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