A Brief Interlude
Mackinac Magic . . . And About That Dress Code

Right on Time

I'm back.  
I'm behind.  
And I'm good with it!

(There's nothing like a whirlwind week to help you set your true priorities, y'know?)

Before I left, I knit a quick, lightweight hat for Erin.  (By request, even.) 


I shipped it off to her . . . and it arrived just in time for the Bay Area's current heat wave.  Let's just say . . . she won't be wearing this for awhile!  But it's ready for whenever those cool, foggy Bay Area mornings return.

(Ravelry details here.)

What are you working on these days?



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Your trip looked like such fun - how nice that you can enjoy things with your sister!

I think the hat is a perfect combo of yarn and pattern. That is an especially lovely shade of blue.


What a cute hat and I love the yarn shade. Being in the Bay area, it won't be long before Erin is wearing it. I did see your pictures on IG - looked like you had SO much fun (but what's up with that silly hotel dress code???).


That is a very nice hat, and luckily the bay area will experience cool, foggy conditions again (hopefully soon). It really looks like Erin's kind of hat!


Welcome home! Love the hat and I'm sure Erin will rock it! I'm working on a shawl and it's got enough going on that I need to pay attention. (And I am not reading Milkman...bailed after about an hour and a half!) :-)


I really enjoyed seeing your vacation photos on IG -- looks like it was a wonderful time! The hat is great, even if she has to wait to wear it. There's nothing better than pulling out a brand-new hand knit when the weather gets chilly!


That's a great hat. I have to confess, every time I knit a hat for someone it's either too big or too small. Sigh.


The hat is delicious. It makes me want to go straight to Ravelry!


I've been in San Francisco in July and froze ...unlike we do around here when clothing is unbearable...the hat is fun and I'm sure she'll get good use of it!


I LOVE your attitude about embracing re-entry! I'm going to try it myself next week. (although as I type that I realize that's really the way I'm trying to embrace this whole season.) and I LOVE that hat!

kathy b


Im very slowly knitting a shawl. I could cast off but I love the yarn and want it bigger than the pattern calls for!


I love the spacing of that hat. I went through a beading period once and learned that placing beads about 1-1/2 inches apart is considered especially pleasing. So now I am always conscious of spacing. Those cables may not be the same 1-1/2 inches apart but knitting is not beading and whatever the width, it is very satisfying. Your interlude looked fabulous, Kym


I'm sure Erin is hoping for cool foggy mornings for many reasons, including this charming hat!


What a great hat!!


That hat is darling! I am sure she will wear it sometime if not right now. I am sewing binding on a Christmas quilt for my granddaughter.

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