The More The Merrier
A Convergence of Sorts

On My Needles and Out of My Stash

I warned you that I was mixing things up around here . . . I'm switching my monthly Stash Giveaway from the third Monday to the third Wednesday of the month.  (Rocking your world, I'm sure.)  


Different day, different deadline -- but same giveaway, same rules.  Comment by next Tuesday, and your name will be placed into a hat (seriously) for a random drawing.

This month, I'm culling my sock yarn collection.  I have so many lovely skeins of sock yarn -- but I don't knit socks very often, and the yarn is too good to just sit in a container in my closet.


First up, I have a skein of Biscotte & Cie (now-discontinued) Felix sock yarn in the Conte de fée colorway.  This yarn is self-striping, and quite soft and durable for socks.  (You can see how the stripes work out in this Ravelry project.)  The yarn is 80% superwash merino wool/20% nylon, and the skein is 100 grams/384 yards/351 meters.  The colors in this photo are very true.


Next up, I have a skein of Pagewood Farm (now-discontinued) Denali sock yarn in the Violet Fushion (yep, that's how it's spelled on the skein) colorway.  The yarn is 80% superwash merino wool/20% nylon, and the skein is 4 ounces/450 yards.  There is a good mix of blues and violets in there -- with some olive green/grey for interest.  The color here is pretty true (in real life, the blues are more prominent and the violet more subtle).

IMG_5734 copy

As you can see, these skeins are just too lovely to live in my drawer!  It's time for me to spread the joy "new" sock yarn can bring.  If you're interested in either (or both!) skeins, just leave a comment by Tuesday, June 25 at 5pm EST and let me know.  

Meanwhile . . . what's on my needles?


I'm test-knitting a new sweater design for Kirsten Kapur.  It's a perfectly-ME kind of sweater:  simple design, oversized, just a hint of texture.  I can't wait to wear it!  (And that yarn?  It's not really brown.  It's more a hellebore purple shade.  Just sayin.)  Stay tuned . . . 

How about you?  What's on your needles this week?


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Your test knit looks interesting! (and those sock yarns are beautiful - but my sock yarn collection would protest loudly if any more sock yarn entered this house!)


I would like to put my name in the hat for the Violet Fushion yarn. Those are my colors for sure. Thank you for the chance.


I am plugging away at my Junegrass sweater and living the simple pattern. Don’t add my name to the draw this week. Socks are not going to happen in my knitting life 😉


I'm in for the violet fushion as well! I'm kind of on a sock roll right now so what the heck! I'm knitting away on the Isabell Kraemer Capella shawl and making darn good progress. Can't say as much for my book group book though! :-) Looking forward to seeing that test knit!


Gorgeous sock yarn Kym! I'd be happy with either skein. The Kristen Kapur knit looks lovely and that yarn is gorgeous as well.


Your project looks like it is going to have BEAUTIFUL drape.


Wow! Throwing my name into your hat, Kim, for one of those lovely skeins.


Such lovely yarn and the test knit sweater color is amazing!

kim in oregon

I'll put my name in for the Biscotte and Cie yarn! Thanks!


Well,I was going to go for the Felix, BUT, I have knit a pair of socks in that colorway so...I'm good! lol I can't wait to see your TTL sweater! Her designs are always favorites of mine.

Elizabeth M.

Well now, both of those yarns are lovely, but having worked with Pagewood Farm yarns before, I would especially love it-- you are really very generous with your stash!


I always have socks in progress. I love the Pagewood Farm color way. Thanks for your generous offer!


I am committed to work through my stash—however, you have given such luscious temptations that I cannot resist.

Amy C

Both those skeins are gorgeous and socks are what I mostly knit so they’d be well loved at my house.


Sock yarn is my favorite! I’d be happy with of those skeins.

Michelle B.

I would love to put my name in for your Violet Fushion skein. I think it would make a perfect pair of Christmas socks for my daughter's boyfriend who will be experiencing his first winter in Vermont this year. He loves the color purple and Vermont is nothing if not green!
You are so generous to offer up your beautiful yarns. Thanks!


Aw, c'mon, you need to send that Canadian yarn back to Canada!! Especially Alberta where I know you have ties. I love either one but in particularly the Biscotte!! Love the colour of your sweater. Can't wait to see the pattern all complete.!

kathy b

Love your giveaway! I'd love any of those beautiful yarns!

Barb in BC

Please Do Not Add my name (I have already been a lucky recipient of your giveaways) but I just wanted to say you have the most wonderful taste in yarn and colourways.


The sweater looks intriguing. I will look forward to seeing more of it. The yarn is tempting but I'm trying to whittle down my sock yarns. Best of luck to others.


Who could resist such an offer? The Violet Fushion has my daughter's name written all over it, and I need to make her a wooly reward for moving back to Michigan from Las Vegas -- in November!

Lynn B

I would like to enter this giveaway for sock yarn, as I love to knit socks. The violet fushion would be my choice. Thank-you for a chance. I am curious about your test knit. Can't wait to see the finish.


That new sweater sounds like a very Kym-like project - I love the color of that yarn!


Someone is going to be very happy to get those beautiful skeins! (Not me, though -- I already have way too much sock yarn!) Your new sweater looks intriguing and I'm looking forward to seeing more. I'm desperately trying to finish up a sweater for my daughter before she gets home from overnight camp. One more sleeve to go!


I'm a sock knitter and would love to have either of those beautiful skeins of sock yarn. Thanks!

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