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Mornings at the Lake

I haven't been up to our lake cottage "up north" yet this season.  Between crappy weather and a busy schedule, I've opted to stay at home so far -- while Tom has traveled up for frequent fishing trips.

But I'm here now!


It's such a treat to work from my office-in-the-woods -- outside on the back deck, surrounded by trees and bird song and a gentle breeze.  (And, thankfully, no mosquitoes at the moment.)

I love being up here!  Life is slower.  There isn't anywhere for me to go or anthing I need to rush off to take care of.  No appointments.  No gym.  No garden to weed.  (But still plenty of chores.  Always with the chores.)  I'm looking forward to a few days of quiet re-freshing.  (Until the Fourth of July crowd arrives.  Then we'll head home again.)  Reading.  Thinking.  Knitting. Sitting around the campfire with Tom.  And enjoying the lake in the morning!


When I wake up, I always take my coffee out on the deck.  That sunrise over the lake usually beckons -- and before long, I'm heading down the steps to the lake, where I can just sit on the dock and enjoy the peace of the lake in the morning.


Most mornings, it's still and quiet, the water like glass.  Usually there's mist, rising from the surface of the water.  Some mornings there are a few folks fishing, but not today.  (Plenty of fish rising, though!


This morning, when I turned around to head back up to the cottage, I noticed how very l-o-n-g my shadow was!


See my legs on the dock?  And my head . . . way over on the shore?  (And in between, the lake -- perfectly reflecting the trees overhead).

Mornings at the lake. . . a pretty great way to start the day!


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kim in oregon

I'm so glad you are back at the lake and that the weather has cleared up. I'm leaving in about an hour to go back to the coast. I"m guessing the July 4th crowds might be crazy there too!


Just love this post so much. Reminds me of days at a lake in VT - always was on the front (screened) porch or down on the dock (or early morning rowing across the lake was so nice, too). So peaceful looking.


Chores seem a small price to pay for the beauty, relaxation, and pleasure of being up north. I hope your time there is as quiet and restorative as your photos show, and you get to return soon after the July 4th crowds have dispersed.


Ahhhh! What a truly amazing place, Kym! I love your outdoor office! :)


So glorious in every way. Enjoy your days and enjoy Beach Music! Pat Conroy is such a nice get-a-way too! (Well except for all that family angst!) xo


Ha ha, I knew you were a tall drink of water, but that's just ridiculous! Great photos.


You brought so many memories to the surface of special times at a lake, thank you.


Just looking at those photos makes me feel at peace. It must be so relaxing to be there, especially first thing in the morning! It sounds like the calm you get from being there is very similar to what I experience when we got to Florida in December. Yes, there are still things like laundry and cooking and cleaning to do, but there's also the freedom to make our own schedule, to stop and enjoy the moment, and to be out in the sun


Beautiful!! I think we might be able to head up north next month for a couple of short days -- not nearly enough time, but we'll take what we can get!! Enjoy your lovely mornings (and all days).


Home and a place away create two different worlds and that gives your soul more room to expand, to search and find the great inner spaces of your mind. Thank you for sharing this amazing place of peace and calm.


Looks like a simply beautiful place to be.


That's all just lovely and I'm so glad you got up there - finally. I can picture all of these spots and know just how peaceful it can be. I've had my coffee on the porch in Maine every day for the past week and it's been chilly but beautiful. Now we're home and I have to say, while the view isn't as spectacular, it's great to be home.

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