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A Convergence of Sorts

When I hear the word convergence I usually think of streams or small rivers coming together to form a larger river.  Or paths converging to become a road.  That sort of thing.  (And that is the main definition, according to my Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary . . . "the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity.")  But every once in a while, I experience my own personal kind of convergence.  The kind where all manner of things and events converge in one little corner of my calendar.  

And, well.  
I'm there right now!

Not only is our summer solstic party happening this Friday, but last night I was one of the co-organizers of a wine tasting fund raiser for a group I'm involved with.  And tonight is the big, annual potluck-book selection meeting for my book group.  And we just met Brian for dinner in Grand Rapids (he was in town for a job interview; keep your fingers crossed).  And my dad has a medical procedure re-scheduled . . . for tomorrow morning.  

I mean, really.  It doesn't get much more convergent than this when it comes to balancing a 3-day stretch of calendar. 


How am I managing?  Oh, pretty well.
(Although let's not ask Tom.)

What am I doing to keep myself moving forward?

1 - Finding the time to meditate.

2 - Keeping up with my fitness stuff.

3 - Lists!  All the lists.


What do YOU do to keep the balls in the air when All the Things . . . converge?


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