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Wise Words on a Friday

"Today's goal:  Be careful not to sleepwalk through the only life you have.  Wake up.  Blink hard.  Stretch.  Keep moving."
                                                        --- Maggie Smith (the poet, not the dowager)

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Wise words!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday with this month's Stash Giveaway.


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Love this (and love your addition of "the poet, not the dowager" - lol).

Wishing you a great weekend Kym. Hope the weather cooperates and you can get outside. Enjoy.


Excellent words! Have a great weekend!


I feel as if I've been recently awoken, and I'm resisting the urge to nap and/or sleepwalk (and I know that you are certainly not sleepwalking!)! Thank you for a needed reminder and have a wonderful weekend!


And unlike the dowager I do know what a weekend is! Enjoy every minute Kym! xo


Wise words indeed!


I've seen so many people today walking with their face down into their phone, without seeing all the beautiful spring flowers and the gorgeous blue sky today. :-(


Excellent advice!


Great advice! (And I think we knew that the dowager countess wouldn't give advice about what to do over a weekend because, as we well know, she doesn't know what a weekend is!)


Ah, wise words indeed! Love the rhodie blooms too ... wishing you a most wonderful weekend!

kathy b

I should do a give away soon. They are so fun! Happy weekend to you. Love the quote

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