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I got back from my trip to Wyoming and Colorado on Monday night.  And then . . . immediately fell into a funk.  Partly "re-entry" from my trip.  Partly the exhaustion of travel.  Partly just some unpleasant stuff to deal with.  Partly . . . weeds.  (So many damn weeds.)

I'm in a funk.  Feeling cranky.  Slogging through my days.  Definitely . . . out of balance.

It's time to turn it around, my friends.  So I'm reaching for those things that help me feel balanced:

  1. Meditation.
  2. Movement.
  3. Creativity.

You know what else I'm going to do today?


I'm going to focus on the flowers . . . 
instead of the weeds!







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Boy, do I hear you. I got back from 5 days away and just feel...down... Then I got some bad news about a friend. And that made it so much worse in some ways, and also gave me a little perspective. I'm taking a page from your book (thank you!) and am curbing (most of my) e-, social media.. .just checking my regular blogs--like yours!--and my library record :) But also focusing on my basics--meditation, exercise, good food, planting my next round of veggie seeds.
Is anyone else kinda down? So strange for me, for this time of year. I wonder if something is up in the atmosphere??
My library hold is in--13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do... (could be good timing!!) xo


Those three things are pretty darn useful for getting back into balance. Weeds still need to be dealt with (whether real or metaphorical), but I'm glad you've got such gorgeous flowers to focus on. That pink and white one looks like it's had its pink stripes painted on, and any of those tulips would make an excellent subject to paint or draw. (Just sayin'.)


I have customer related crankiness going on myself! But shake it off we must. I'm glad you've turned it around today Kym and I hope the flowers bring you joy all day long. And then a glass of wine later. xo

Jeannie Gray

I have some weeding to do myself. Glad you have such beautiful flowers to focus on.


Oh my g*d many weeds is right.


Great advice! Hope the flowers can pull you out of your funk. This weather hasn't been helping either. It is should be nice!!!!


There's a lot going on right now to make us ALL feel like we're in a funk. I've got crap at work. Crap in town about my selectman thing. Crap from our government assholes trying to regulate women. It's all crap. But flowers can help push away those feelings. LOTS of flowers but still, flowers help. Hope you're feeling like your sunny self again very soon. XOXO


being in a funk just is the worst... I had the Vivi Blues last week so bad. So.many.tears. And, the grumpiness was just unbearable. But, meditation, movement, and creativity certainly help - as does a good "Calgon" Book - you know the kind that just take you away. Best cure for a funk I know of! Hope you are feeling back on track soon! XO

kathy b

Im sorry you are in a funk. I'm glad you told us. We all go through that. Its nice that we all don't go through it at the same time though! Movement is a great idea. Hang in there


Omg me too. Just unloaded 3 yards of mulch which I gleefully threw on TOP of the weeds. Totally in denial that they will find their way though.


If there's one good thing about weeds, it's that it can be very satisfying (and good exercise!) to yank them! Hope your funk passes soon. Reentry from a good time away can be hard


There is such a pressure to make up for the happy time away - at least for me - that I feel overwhelmed by my to -do list on return. Personally, these days I just check my mail, unpack, check phone messages, then just do what makes me happy for a day or two. The weeds, and most other things can wait 24 hours or so —at least in my world:-).


Our tulips have, or are, fading, but yours are so bright and beautiful! Spring is mostly over here (except for rainy weather) and you still have so much of it to enjoy. I'm slightly envious! Reentry is very hard and other "stuff" can feel overwhelming while you're figuring out how to cope with reality. Of all the people I know, I know you will quickly be back in the swing of the good life. xox


Sometimes focusing on the beauty around s is the only way to reduce the impact of “weeds” in our daily lives. Funks are no fun but rising out of them makes it it easier to put one foot ahead of another. Yikes I need to take my own advice! My funk has no logic though it is definitely related to the constant rain around here.


Three good things on your list. I hope the flowers in the garden lift your spirits. Take good care of yourself.


Sounds like you found a better direction ... hope it helped!

Caffeine Girl

I definitely prefer flowers to weeds!

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