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Sticking With It

I used to be addicted to my snooze bar when it came to waking up.  Like . . . I used to purposefully set my alarm for an hour or more before I actually needed to wake up . . . just so I could hit the snooze - repeatedly - before finally dragging my sorry a$$ out of bed in the morning.

It was getting ridiculous.  (Especially because I got out of the habit of paying attention to my alarm, and sometimes didn't even "notice" it anymore.)

So I decided to break myself of the habit.  I got a new alarm clock with a new and highly annoying alarm.  I moved it across the room so I would have to actually get out of bed when it went off.  And I made a commitment to myself to keep moving once I got up and shut off the alarm.

It's been 18 months now.  And it's working!


It was hard for those first couple of weeks.  I SO wanted to just hit the snooze bar and head back to my bed.  But I didn't!  I have trained myself to be an early riser (I am not, by nature, an early riser), and I'm finding that I actually like it.  I've discovered a few benefits to consistently getting up early (three, in fact!):

First, I've developed a nice, quiet routine for myself in the morning.  I let the dogs out and feed them, grab a cup of coffee, knit a few rows.  Once I feel awake, I usually meditate -- which all helps me start the day relaxed and centered.

Next, I'm more ready (as in alert and aware) to get started with my day.  Allowing myself the time to wake up gradually and mindfully means I'm not feeling stressed and rushed when it is time to get going . . . with whatever I've got going.

Finally, after 18 months of getting up early (and without a snooze bar fest), I've gotten to the point where I barely need an alarm clock anymore.  I just naturally. . . wake up . . . at the same time every morning.  I'm also sleeping better at night.  

There are still mornings where I'm tempted to crawl back in bed.  But I don't.  And once I'm up . . . I'm up.  This is one of those habits I'm really happy to be sticking with!

How about you?  Are you an early riser . . . or not so much?  What habits are you trying to stick with?


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