Asking Questions . . . An Interview with Knitwear Designer Kirsten Kapur
On the Clock


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It’s still early here but I am hopeful for a good week with lots of sunshine.


My Monday is looking non-typical since I took today off for a mammogram. I'm hoping the sun comes out and I can get some weeding done, too!


Lovely to look at (and fiddleheads are also pretty good in salad)!


The fiddleheads are going crazy around here! I'm hoping the work day flies by and that my afternoon walk with my neighbor is full of sunshine!


Lao-tzu always has a perfect line to start a day. So much grace in that fern!

kathy b

I love when ferns unfurl. It is so pretty. Our transplanted ferns did not take. We tried. Id love to cover the forest floor with them though


lovely, Kym! I feel like I kind of rushed through a lot of my day today, so I'm looking forward to taking tomorrow a little slower ... not that I'll see ferns like that, but maybe I'll see a rose or two ;-)

kim in oregon

I love spotting fiddleheads!


Love that proverb. Hurry up and wait was a problem even in Ancient China, apparently:-). Chloe


Meant to mention that first thing I thought of was that fiddlehead looks like a knitting pattern for a circular motif. (Too much Ravelry this week, perhaps?) Chloe


If only people would take a lesson from nature and slow down to enjoy life instead of rushing through it! I really like this quote and am probably going to post it somewhere prominent at work as a reminder to take my time.


I love your fiddlehead fern picture (my Mom used to hunt them in the wild for us to consume!!) and that quote is so perfect! Thank you!!

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