Heading Into the Weekend
Turn it Around


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Monday here at sea level is cold and rainy, but not too bad!


Enjoy your Colorado visit!


Just beautiful! Enjoy!


Oh man do I wish I was there! Instead I'll just count the days until CO comes to me. I hope your trip is continuing to be fabulous! xo


And gorgeous shot btw!


Beautiful! My Monday looks like it usually does. LOL


Gorgeous picture! So envious that you are in Boulder - enjoy!!


Beautiful photo.

Our Monday is rainy and cold. Can this really be May?????

There is knitting on the counter and a hot cup of tea. So all is not lost. ;-)


My Monday started with a lovely change in attitude! Have an amazing visit!! XO


We have our first real day of summer! Yes, it's 80+ today after a cold winter and a wet spring. We couldn't be happier!

kathy b

Oh my gosh, what a photo!

My monday looked like less kleenex! I was well enough to go to the barn and do my volunteer work. The sun was out. The horses were happy and the students.....all had colds and coughs too


gorgeous photo, Kym! we're looking forward to some cooler temperatures, lower humidity ... and higher attitudes (last week was the lowest low I've experienced since I moved to Georgia in 1979 ... and that's saying a lot)


Wow! Your Monday looked a lot prettier than mine!

Caffeine Girl

Not as beautiful as yours!


Colorado Rocky Mountain High! and now you know how old I am. A graduation and a few days in Boulder. Have fun. I have it on good authority from a friend that there is a fabulous fabric shop (dressmaking) in Boulder. I wish I knew the name but sadly I do not.

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