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Big news here.

Each spring, one of our local art galleries sponsors a show for students of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, where I take my art classes.  The instructors get to pick student work to put in the show, and this year . . . my instructor chose two of my watercolor paintings.


So, that's my cow on top (the final version, sans eye patch).  And the one on the bottom is my egret.

It really is a thrill . . . to walk into a gallery and know your pieces are in there somewhere.  (Also unnerving.  Because what if everyone else's work is so much better than yours and you just look stupid by comparison.)  (Inner critic = super loud and obnoxious.)


Whatever.  At some point, I just have to get over it!
There it is.  My work on the wall.


Definitely something different!

(And if you're in the area and you want to see the show, it'll be up through the end of May at Life Story Network/Ignertia Gallery on North Street - near Bells! - in Kalamazoo.)


Want to see the pieces closer up?





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That's fantastic, Kym! I'd say your instructor chose well. (tell that inner critic to be quiet!)


Congratulations!! Oh gosh I love your pictures (but I really liked the eye patch too - lol). Your Egret is gorgeous. And, yes, tell your inner critic to go to sleep.


Congratulations on being included in the art show. Your hard work and talent have earned you this place and I'm just so proud of you!


How fun! And well done.


Congratulations Kym! It's so fun to see your work and to see your hard work rewarded!


Congratulations! I love your cow!


Well that is just about the coolest thing ever!


You are very talented! Don't listen (EVER) to your inner critic. Mine is loud enough for a group of eight. I know just the place for the cow and egret (they are so amazing!) if you ever decide they need a new home. :)


Your pictures are wonderful! Congratulations!


Congratulations! You are a very talented lady.


Your two paintings are beautiful. Although, I think the eye patch cow should have been there too. The humor of it all!!!!

Congratulations...... well done!


YaHOOOOOO! That's so cool, Kym!! Those are great pieces, and I can see why your instructor chose them. Congratulations!!

Cheryl S.

That's awesome! Congratulations!


Having grown up on a farm in Saskatchewan...(not far from Innisfail!) I l.o.v.e. that cow!!!! The egret is pretty spectac as well. Congrats on your wonderful work!!!!


Your good-eyed cow and egret are fantastic! (I do still have a soft spot for eye patch cow.) I wish I was near the gallery so I could see your work in person. It must be wonderful to look at these and your other recent work and see how much you've grown as an artist - congratulations!


Congrats! I thought the cow was great when you showed it before. Glad your instructor agreed with me. ;)

kim in oregon

First, congratulations.

Second, I read 'cow' as 'crow' and was looking all over for your crow picture. I think b/c I read the word while looking at the egret.

Third, I really love that egret. The cow is charming but the egret is wonderful.


Congratulations Kym! You are very talented. Please don't let that inner critic get the best of you. I like Elizabeth Gilbert's approach to the inner critic (in her book, Big Magic.) I think she replies, saying thank you very much for your opinion but I'm in charge here - or something like that.


Well done!!!!


Nice going! You definitely deserved to be in the show!


Kym you are multi talented...lots of us can do hand crafts, but to draw and paint is very special. Enjoy that gift.


Bravo to you!! (and yes.. tell that inner critic to just hush up!) XO


I've worked with watercolors and you have done a super job of keeping the fluidity in your finished work. I'd own either of those!


Wonderful achievement! Congratulations! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations! Your art is lovely!

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