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It's Three on Thursday, and I'm in the midst of a busy and emotional day.  So let's talk about something easy . . . 



Here are three things I'm reading today:

  1. Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker -- one of the books on the short list for the Women's Prize for Fiction this year.  This award is one I always pay attention to because the books tend to match up very well with my taste in reading.  While my goal is always to read all the books on (at least) the short list before the award is announced, I usually can't because of differing publication dates between the US and the UK.  But this year?  When I finish Silence of the Girls, I'll have read all the books on the short list!  The winner will be announced on June 5 this year.  (My favorites?  Either Circe or Milkman. I loved them both.)
  2. This essay from The Atlantic about Mary Oliver and the distractions of technology.   Really worth a read.  (I'm not actually reading Upstream today.  But I needed a placeholder in my photo . . .  and it works.)  (But now that I've got it out . . . well. . . I might read a few pages.)
  3. A travel book about Coastal Alaska.  Because Tom and I are headed there in July!  After finalizing all the details for our trip yesterday, it's time for the educational part.  (Our trip is part of our 60-for-6o celebration.  You know . . . we're turning 60, Alaska is turning 60.  Of course we'll head there!)

How about YOU?  Reading anything interesting today?


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