Learning While Flailing
Sticking With It

Part of the Plan

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It's so nice . . . when your plans come together.  


Love when you can
Cry when you have to
Be who you must
It's a part of the plan

A finished sweater that's perfectly my style -- AND wearable right now, so bonus!


Knitting with intention - right there in the sweet spot!  (Part of the plan.)

(Ravelry details here.)


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Love the sweater and the song lyrics!


Just perfect! It looks lovely (and the background looks pretty good, too)!


LOVE!! Oh man - love, love, love, LOVE! That turned out so well! Perfect yarn-sweater pairing!


Very pretty and I love the color. That will go with EVERYTHING!


I love it! You're rocking it Kym! Grey for the win every time!


Your Junegrass turned out so beautifully Kym - love it! Looks excellent on you. I bet you get a ton of wear out of this. Hadn't thought of Dan Fogelberg in so long - will have to crank up some Spotify later.

Bridget C

Oh I love it, and the yarn is so lovely - a perfect match! Wear it in good health. :-)


That is perfect for you! I love it and I'm glad you love it, too!


This looks like the perfect summer sweater! The color, the texture and the style suit you well!

kathy b

That sweater is perfection. just beautiful on you!


The sweater is just perfect - and so great for a Michigan summer. Glad to see it was fun to do -- more because of the pattern or the yarn? Sometimes the yarn is such that I hate to see the project end. I want to hold onto it forever. Chloe


Just re-read your sweet spot link, Kym. Hope that your White Sangria escaped the Goodwill pile. I still remember it. Everything about it looked great on you. Chloe


Somehow my comment about the Junegrass sweater never made it to your site (???). Looked terrific. Chloe


Sorry must not be awake yet. I don't need to add my name. I'm not that egotistical:-).

km in oregon

You look so happy in that sweater! And deservedly so! It looks amazing! Can I use more exclamation marks!?!?!


You could be a model for the pattern in these photos! It fits you perfectly and looks so very wearable. Well done!


Love this sweater! Great color and style!


Such a nice sweater, pretty with a great fit. I love it when knitting hits the sweet spot. The garden behind you looks pretty sweet too.


What a great finish, Kym! ... and super-intrigued that you used Zooey - I've just started a sweater with that yarn and I LOVE it! (think it would be nice in Berroco Remix Light, or even Rowan Felted Tweed for a fall option)

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