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So.  Let's get back to wellness.  Specifically, physical fitness.  

If you remember my last post on the topic, we were talking about what "counts" when it comes to exercise.  Because really, as it turns out, anything that gets you moving counts as exercise.  And it happens that a lot of us move . . . by gardening.

So I decided to give it my best "scientific" test.


On Saturday afternoon, I gathered my gardening tools, and set my Apple watch for a workout.  (I had to choose "Mixed Cardio" because Apple doesn't have a category for "Gardening.")  (Although they should.  As I'm about to demonstrate.)

For the next hour and (nearly) thirty-nine minutes, I gardened.  It was pretty heavy-duty gardening:  cleaning beds, digging weeds, cutting back shrubs, hauling debris -- standard early-spring garden chores. I was pretty intentional about doing as much of my work as I could on my feet (like . . . without sitting for long periods of time on my trusty little garden cart), so I was doing a lot of squatting, bending, carrying, and walking about.  

It was tiring!  But . . . how good a workout was it?


Turns out . . . it was a pretty good one!

In an hour and (just under) thirty-nine minutes, I burned 341 active calories with an average heart rate of 100 bpm.  That's MUCH more of a workout than I would have predicted.  (Thanks, Apple watch.)  In fact, I had burned nearly the same number of calories on a 5+ mile walk with JoJo and a friend earlier that morning.

Bottom line?  Not only does gardening "count" as exercise -- but it is an effective workout, to boot!  (No longer am I going to wonder why I'm so tired after a session in the garden, that's for sure.)

How about you?  Have you discovered any new ways to move?


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kim in oregon

I weed whacked and mowed our tiny little lawn. The weed whacking was a great upper body workout, and the mowing was a good lower body workout (pulling the mower up the hill and pushing etc). I was sweating and the lawn is about 50 x 10 so not big at all!


I really hate grocery shopping, so lately I've been trying to power through the store as quickly as possible (without forgetting anything or running anyone over). I'm not sweating, but it gets my heart rate up, and gets me through this odious task much faster.

Also, John recently got a new truck and is still in that stage where he dreads door dings. Whenever we take it someplace we have to park far, far away at the outer reaches of the parking lot. It irritated me at first until I realized I was walking a lot of extra steps. That's not a bad thing!


I burned up some calories (I wonder how many??) doing laundry yesterday. 4 loads...down to the basement then back up and outside to hang on the line...then off the line and back inside to fold. It was a lot of laundry from our vacay and it took ALL day to do it but I stretched and stepped, etc. And I slept well last night:)


I pretty much always take the stairs rather than an elevator (if possible) and walk wherever possible rather than driving! Every little bit helps!


I pulled weeds yesterday and today my hips and legs are squawking a bit so I know it counts as a work out!


Okay, my garden needs some serious work. Thank you for sharing your gardening workout!


I've gotten a decent workout scrubbing the bathroom and doing laundry (bedrooms are on the second floor, washer and dryer are in the basement). I've also been really amazed how many steps I can get in from all the walking around the kitchen in the evening when I'm simultaneously cooking dinner and packing lunches! It's really true that just moving is key.


I know this is true! I did and hour & a half of gardening Sunday and two hours yesterday. I still have more to do, but today I had to run errands and then did some housework- I'm sure that counts too! It felt so good to work outside!


Stairs are great. But I have bad knees and can't do them anymore. There's a weight loss program that keeps advertising on my Solitaire app (I realize the irony) called Noom which encourages weight loss by doing what the individual actually likes to do, so you are obviously onto something Kym. Dancing? Bicycling? Refinishing furniture? Babysitting a two-year-old boy? Definitely Not Solitaire.


Housecleaning - I do it as inefficiently as possible, going up and down the stairs over and over. Also, vacuuming is a great workout!


Besides water fitness everyday I walk the dog miles a day. Playing tug of war is good for the arms and having him chase me around is good for a few calories here and there, too.


And, this is just an added benefit to the glory that is gardening! Not only is it good for the soul - it is for the body as well! This is great information - I will have to try this and compare "fit notes" with you! XO

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