Surprise Inside
Part of the Plan

Learning While Flailing

This year, when I set out with my word (intention), I decided on a few goals for myself.  I wanted to . . . 

  • make deliberate choices and act on purpose
  • be clear about who I am and why I'm doing
  • accept aging with grace, humor, and a bit of kickass
  • live my best life every day

And, generally, I feel like I'm figuring things out and making connections and feeling pretty good about the progress I'm making so far.


But I'll admit that his month, I struggled.  I don't know that I'd go so far as to say that May was a total fail when it came to me and intention, but I certainly did lose my footing for a while there this month.

I started May knowing exactly what I wanted to do.  I had a clear set of goals and intentions for myself, and I fully expected to just roll right through with my plans.  But things broke down along the way.  Life happened: I took a weeklong trip, Spring exploded and suddenly there were new tasks and schedules and seasonal things to do, unexpected stuff popped up that I needed to deal with.  Spinning. Out. Of. Control.

What happened?  

Now that I've given myself some time to process, I think it's this:  Intention needs to meet reality.  You see, I can be really clear about what I want to do and in which direction I want to head out in.  But if I don't also anticipate potential obstacles I may encounter along the way, I'm just going to end up frustrated. In May, I was thinking magically -- ignoring my calendar and the change in routine that May always brings.  

I wrote something in my journal way back in January:  Intention is more than wishful thinking -- it's willful direction.  This month, I learned what that means:  "Willful direction" needs to include reality.  Intention is making deliberate choices and acting on purpose -- but it also requires anticipation, planning, and flexibility.

(I always learn the best stuff when I'm flailing.)

How about you?  How are you doing with your word this month?