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Asking Questions . . . An Interview with Knitwear Designer Kirsten Kapur

It's May!

New month, new "bucket" list . . . 


3 highlights from my list:

  1. Paint Bathroom.  The wallpaper is mostly gone.  I know what color I want to paint.  Tom is willing.  
  2. Something Boulder-y.  We're headed to Boulder for Lauren's graduation from law school next week.  It will be our last trip to Boulder (for maybe . . . ever) because (drum roll) Brian and Lauren are moving back to Michigan this summer.  (I'm over the moon, I'm telling you.)
  3. New Mattress.  Because ours is at least a decade past time-ro-replace.  (Any tips for mattress shopping out there?)

How about YOU?  What's on your list for May?


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And be sure to come back tomorrow . . . for my first ever Asking Questions post -- occassional interviews with interesting people doing interesting things.  Join me tomorrow to hear from my first guest:  Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops fame -- knitwear designer, mystery-maker, and overall big thinker!


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Your list is packed with wonderful stuff! I look forward to posts from Up North, and love the garden-related things on your list. But something Boulder-y ... Big congratulations to Lauren for graduating from law school, and the move back to MI is the BEST!


That's a great list. We bought our mattress at a fundraiser that the school held. It was super easy and I loved that they didn't have an overwhelming selection because then I get decision fatigue. You could check out and see if a school in your area does this type of fundraiser. And hooray for Lauren and also the move back!


We also really need to get a new mattress -- we've been sleeping on the same one since about 2007 (which means that it's older than our marriage!). I'm sure you're over the moon to have Lauren move back home!


Woo Hoo for the Michigan move! :-) And the list...believe it or not I have a list...with boxes to check! (We;ll see how I do...) Good luck with the mattress hunt, it's a daunting task isn't it?


What a joy know that one of your children will be close! But I must admit that even though I’ll never get my daughter and family away from the mountains I love going to Boulder. I’ve found amazing knitting shops and a great yoga studio. I’m thinking a tiny house in their backyard would fit the bill. Then a tiny house in my Boston crew’s backyard. May bucket list not set yet!

Kim in Oregon

We bought a lovely mattress for our new house, probably a serta or some such. We got a bed that goes up and down (don't judge). Anyway, if you go to a Mattress land or some such mattress chain store--THEY NEGOTIATE! THEY WILL THROW IN STUFF LIKE DELIVERY SET UP FOR FREE if you ask them to even though they say that it costs $50! I don't think Macy's or a dept. store will do this.


You have SO MUCH big news in this post! How wonderful you'll have Brian and Lauren near again! Kirsten is one of my very favorite designers and artists of all things fun and interesting! I look forward to your new feature!! As for mattresses, it's all so personal. Know what type, style, features you want before you go and pare down the places you shop. Too many choices make final decisions harder!


My list for May is very short and sweet ..............................s-l-o-w down and enjoy the nicer weather.

So happy for you to have your daughter back "home"!


We bought a new mattress a couple years ago and it’s my favorite one so far. We have a Beautyrest Black hybrid. It combines the best of a traditional coiled mattress with a memory foam. Love it!


So happy that Brian, at least, is back. Good luck on the mattress. It really is so personal.


Oh YAY!!! I love them all but #2 especially!


Looks like a great bucket list for May. Some items for fun and others are errands to accomplish. I hope to get out and weed my herb garden this weekend. It needs a wee bit of tidying before I plant new parsley and basil. I do love all the herbs that come up year after year.


Great list, Kym! Congratulations to Lauren ... and to all of you on the move back to MI!! We bought a new mattress last spring from Costco. the kind that comes shrink-wrapped in a tiny box (well, tiny compared to the actual mattress - I guess it was the size of a dorm refrigerator) - you undo the shrink wrap and the mattress magically expands to its real size. it wasn't expensive and it's amazingly comfortable.


Congratulations to Lauren! And how fun to have Brian & Lauren moving back to Michigan. As a mom with kids on the opposite coast from where I am, I'll admit to being a little jealous.

Speaking of coasts, when we were in NYC for Thanksgiving with our Sophie et al, we stayed in an Airbnb that had a Saintly mattress - and came home and bought one. Six nights of sound sleep above a somewhat noisy New York City street, in a cold apartment, had us sold. If you think you might like a version of a memory foam mattress, it's worth considering. (I might have a discount code if you are interested). They sell online and ship in a box (like the Costco mattress mentioned earlier).

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