So Many Ways To . . . Unravel
Asking Questions . . . An Interview with Knitwear Designer Kirsten Kapur

It's May!

New month, new "bucket" list . . . 


3 highlights from my list:

  1. Paint Bathroom.  The wallpaper is mostly gone.  I know what color I want to paint.  Tom is willing.  
  2. Something Boulder-y.  We're headed to Boulder for Lauren's graduation from law school next week.  It will be our last trip to Boulder (for maybe . . . ever) because (drum roll) Brian and Lauren are moving back to Michigan this summer.  (I'm over the moon, I'm telling you.)
  3. New Mattress.  Because ours is at least a decade past time-ro-replace.  (Any tips for mattress shopping out there?)

How about YOU?  What's on your list for May?


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And be sure to come back tomorrow . . . for my first ever Asking Questions post -- occassional interviews with interesting people doing interesting things.  Join me tomorrow to hear from my first guest:  Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops fame -- knitwear designer, mystery-maker, and overall big thinker!